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... Prince Charming time. Instead of going to the ball in a pumpkin, you're "spending hours" arguing about his ex and how she'll be the only one he'll ever truly love. ... (51 replies)
... The way I see it is, he has every right to be friends with whomever he wants to be friends with and LOVE whomever he wants to LOVE but you also have every right to not accept that and leave this relationship. ... (51 replies)
... WTM, I went through almost the same thing when my best friend went through a divorce. ... (6 replies)

... This is sooooooo wrong for a relationship for him to be running to another woman to tell her everything. ... (51 replies)
... there are a couple of issues with this. The first being that she lives abroad. The second being that she is annoyed by the fact that they're friendship bothers me. This is not the best basis for getting to know someone. ... (51 replies)
... What an admirable story! (51 replies)
... So my boyfriends ex moved out on him almost 3 years ago. They were together for 5 and have a five year old child. We worked together and became close. ... (1 replies)
... and I overheard him say "I love you too". Of course when he hung up I was furious! He was talking to his ex, who is an alcoholic among other things, and she had called him to complain about her day and she said "I love you" to end the conversation and he said it back. ... (51 replies)
... I don't see where she's waffling at all. She's saying that she can see that it's OK to be friends with an EX that you've realized that you just aren't that into them and there's nothing sexual there... ... (51 replies)
... I guess I'm having a little trouble understanding you completeopposit. In one breath you say you don't have a problem with opposite sex friendships or exgirlfriend friendships. ... (51 replies)
... and I'm trying to justify this behavior but he keeps making it worse the more we try to speak about it. He's just so unwilling to see how I feel. And blancanieve is right as well. He's already been running to her when we have problems which is a huge reason why this bothers me. ... (51 replies)
... You are correct, he wants his cake and eat it too. I doubt that he could find very many women that would be OK with this...of course some women would be OK but I believe very few! It would be a deal breaker as soon as he told me how much he "LOVES" her! ... (51 replies)
... like happymom28, im having some trouble understanding you too. you shoot me down for explaining my situation, yet straight after you ask for other peoples situations. this does not make sense sorry. how on earth can we give advice if we dont explain our own experiences. dont we learn through experiences? (51 replies)
... For those who have had success in dealing with exes in your significant others lives, what are the circumstances of that? ... (51 replies)
... Why don't you try to get to know her, too and see if you can become friends with her? ... (51 replies)
... t in their car and drive to each other for a secret meeting. She lives really far away, so you really shouldn't feel so threatened by her, regardless of what he is saying about her. ... (51 replies)
... I feel that he is comparing me. Quite a few times he has talked about how big her boobs are and than talking to me about getting implants. ... (35 replies)
Is he jealous?
May 25, 2007
... hey, well i dont have strong feelings for the ex but he was my first so i still like him a little bit. i think i always will but he broke up with me. he went off with another girl and it was his best friend who told me. then the ex got with 2 of my friends one night so i dont think going back to him would be the wise idea. ... (20 replies)
Is he jealous?
May 25, 2007
... pretty much exactly 2 years ago my previous boyfriend broke up with me. we still remained friends as he invited me out for coffee and to go watch him play indoor soccer and stuff. ... (20 replies)
... anyway when u say there is more to it, well there kind of it and i dont know if this has affect on the situation. i met my boyfriend through his best friend. his best friend and i had a 6 months relationship. that ended, but i didnt get with my current boyfriend till a year later and he was the one that persued me. ... (42 replies)

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