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... my boyfriend and I are both 40, I'm divorced once and he's divorced twice. ... (8 replies)
... My husband is also really good friends with one of his exgirlfriends. They ultimately decided that they made much better friends. ... (51 replies)
Ex nightmare
Aug 24, 2007
... I've been with my chap for 4 years and ever since day one his two ex girlfriends have made our life very difficult. He has a son with one and lived with the other and her little boy for 2 years, these two women became best friends a little while after i came on the scene. ... (3 replies)

... This was probably his first love. This is no excuse though for his action and he needs to get over her. You are someone new that he excepted into his life and you will never be that ex. nor want to be. That was 11 yrs ago and him and his family need to let it go. ... (35 replies)
... See, the thing is, he is the one that brings her up most of the time. Everyone does. I cannot get away from her. His family talks about her, his friends talk about her. They don't say nice things about her but I still hear about her at least 3 times a month even though is was 11 years ago. ... (35 replies)
... the best part about all of this is that she first asked to stay with him and now that she knows that is not an option anymore she stays with his best friend. ... (8 replies)
The impossible EX!
May 12, 2003
... This is going to be a little long so please bear with me. ... (5 replies)
... i have been dating this guy for two months and we get along great. he told me early on that his best friend is, and i quote, "the only woman he's ever loved. ... (51 replies)
... I didn't consider the financial aspect of things. Sorry OP! Again, Blastoff9600 has some great ideas. Definately listen to her. It seems she knows what she is talking about. ... (25 replies)
... th Carolina's common law marriage. IF they lived together before and after the child was conceived then they might be considered common law man and wife. If that is the case then he might be able to use that to go around that law. ... (25 replies)
... He is probably keeping his distance because he doesn't want to get involved again. I think you should also do your best to keep your distance and just keep it a very superficial friendship. That seems to be all that he wants. ... (4 replies)
... I am not against being friends with exex or people of the opposite sex. ... (10 replies)
... On some level I do have to agree with Gypsum. I wouldn't even be a question for me on how I would react if a boyfriend of 4 months called up his ex in front of me and during some point in the conversation told her he loved her. ... (17 replies)
... It's probably easy for the two of them to communicate and have fun with each other. ... (2 replies)
... My Girlfriend recently got together, We connected Very Easily. I am BFF with her BFF. ... (2 replies)
... veryone has a different opinion. you cant expect the answers to be the ones that you want. i have not ignored any facts as i already said that i wouldnt be happy with my boyfriend comparing myself to his ex. after 2 months i would of moved on. ... (51 replies)
... Like I said in a previous post, my husband and his ex have been good friends for a long time. She had just moved from the midwest when they met. They hit it off as friends very well. ... (51 replies)
... Surprisingly, he tells me that he's never felt the way he feels about me before. He definitely made comparisons but I came out on top. I'm still bothered that he felt the need to make the comparison in the first place, regardless of how he feels for me. He actually considered the comparison a compliment. And that let me know that she's on a pedestal when being compared to her... (51 replies)
... Just to clear up some confusion here, you're "being romantic" with someone who is NOT your boyfriend, someone who slips notes to other women and still carries his ex girlfriend's house key? ... (19 replies)
... an, spent, and sacrificed and went to see him on my own. When we were together there was no continuous quality time. It gradually became time where it was us and his friends. I wanted to do stuff just him and I, he had the balls to say it isn't as fun that way. ... (29 replies)

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