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... Minus the porn and cheating I would describe myself as that other girl. I've been with my boyfriend off and on for almost 9 years. We've split up for 18 months at one point and both of us dated other people. ... (7 replies)
... This is not contradictory. For the third time, I don't have a problem with opposite sex friendships or friendships with exes. He has many female friends and remains friends with other exes. Why would I pick on this one if it were a problem for me inherently? ... (51 replies)
Is he jealous?
May 28, 2007
... well, in a way i do have some sort of feelings for the ex because he was my first but im not going to go back and start dating him. im not using his best friend either. ... (20 replies)

... I must say for the most part I would have to agree with Realguy on this one in the sense that most people whether male or female would have a problem with their SO having "regular" contact with an ex. ... (65 replies)
... I really need some advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now and everything was going great... up until a week ago. ... (20 replies)
Is this unfair?
Sep 10, 2004
... I posted a thread a few days ago here and now I have another big problem. Okay, my boyfriend of 3 yrs. off and on broke up again because he's in the military and took off for awhile again. ... (10 replies)
... Like I said before, I was married, ran into my ex on a popular networking site. Our conversations were VERY platonic but did make me realize how truly unhappy I had become. I decided to leave my ex. ... (55 replies)
... What an admirable story! (51 replies)
... he can take her to court for custody but will not win. for whatever reason judges feel that the best place for a child to be is with the mother..unless she is putting the child in harms way or abusing the child. no job and no home don't count. i know its stupid..but thats our great law system these days. ... (25 replies)
... man. Nothing wrong with that. ... (18 replies)
... My ex boyfriend and I have been strictly friends for the past 7 years. ... (13 replies)
... my boyfriend and i have been together for over a year, we even have a baby together....and him and one of his exs are best friends....he also said that the two of them would be friends no matter what even at the expense of our relationship....he choses her over me all the time. ... (50 replies)
... ess i should point out that i'm codependant to a certain degree and if you let it go on, it could turn to resentment for do you know if you'll be happy with another mate unless you test the waters...i think you need to take a break from your boyfriend and date around a bit... ... (48 replies)
... I have to agree completely with this quote. Thats not to say that its true for everyone but I've heard stories about my boyfriend punching out walls, jumping out of a moving cars, and getting in screaming matches with his ex in public. ... (14 replies)
... i agree, being drunk and a pill head is not something you want to have a future with someone this is not the guy. Only bad things could happen. I know its hard when you are inlove but try to best to suround yourself with friends and keep him out of your life. ... (11 replies)
... i agree with all the responses. To keep comparing yourself to a girl from 11 years ago for 6 months straight is not only unhealthy to the relationship but unhealthy on your own mental health as well. It happened way to long ago to keep ranting about it for this long. ... (35 replies)
... I figured a place where there's no bias and nobody is taking sides would be the best place to try and find out what is going on with me. ... (3 replies)
Need help
May 18, 2009
... I still got with him. ... (23 replies)
Is he jealous?
May 25, 2007
... pretty much exactly 2 years ago my previous boyfriend broke up with me. we still remained friends as he invited me out for coffee and to go watch him play indoor soccer and stuff. anyway his best friend started to get closer to me. ... (20 replies)
... I have known my boyfriend for about 3 years. For the first two years we had a casual relationship that eventually grew into something different. My boyfriend's ex is his best friend and as much as i've tried to accept their friendship i can't seem to find peace with it. ... (6 replies)

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