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... I think I'm falling for my coworker. We always laugh and joke together, he makes my insides feel all good, and there's all the right kinds of tension. ... (2 replies)
... The reason why he told you is because he knew you would find out through your friend. He thought he was doing the "good" thing. ... (30 replies)
... I read the original post but only skimmed the responses so forgive me if I missed something, but... ... (46 replies)

... I'm sorry to be so harsh or to sound blunt, but yes, it's actually pretty easy for men to do this. Once they decide they don't want to be with you anymore, they make up their minds and move on emotionally pretty fast. I felt the exact same way when my ex left me, and he wanted to stay friends. ... (202 replies)
Aug 29, 2004
... I could be projecting my own experiences into this more than I should, but I see all kinds of warning signs here. Have you told guy 2 your side of the story and he still doesn't trust you? ... (8 replies)
... hey, i have had the same problems with my boyfriend for years, matter of fact i put up with it for almost ten years...first he couldnt be parted from my side, next he is never around... ... (5 replies)
... I think this is fantastic're already starting to see just how true it is that people only treat us as well as we demand to be treated. ... (263 replies)
Need some support
Nov 28, 2004
... gh the same thing at the moment, so I am sorry for your pain, although your situation seems to be a little more confusing. To be honest, I would not take back my boyfriend if he had been so intimate with another girl. Others may disagree, but I can understand the need for space etc etc... I have no problem with that. ... (25 replies)
Nov 15, 2006
... our relationship isn't a cold one, and my boyfriend loves me very much. It isn't just physical. I consider him my best friend. I was just trying to find something to compare it to. ... (26 replies)
... up, and the fact that I was his first serious relationship. ... (92 replies)
... I would be less concerned about the circumstances of their one date and more concerned with his desire to keep a "backup" girlfriend. What if you told him you wanted to keep a "backup" boyfriend? ... (30 replies)
... Well heres my situation, this is actually my first time on this board, my friend at work introduce me to it. Im having issues with my boyfriend of 4 years, hes the best anyone can ask for, but when it comes to his cell phone its a problem with me. ... (9 replies)
... he said some things to the guy that the girl told me in confidence. It turned into a big mess. There were comments coming from all angles. ... (30 replies)
... ed everyone to pay an obscene amount to go. There wasn't enough people willing to pay the amount they were asking for so they canceled it. One of my good friends is dating someone from the same company. ... (30 replies)
... My main concern isn't eve with this other girl at all. ... (30 replies)
Sep 25, 2008
... I updated my post but maybe you didn't see it..yes, I am primarily focused on the relationship part, since this is a relationship board. ... (11 replies)
I Need Advice!
Mar 31, 2005
... I guess I'm confused too. First, why would you even want to keep dating someone who refuses to show you any emotion or caring? Isn't that what a boyfriend's for? For love, emotional support, hand-holding, snuggling, to have someone in your corner? And I'm also confused about him "not letting you date anyone he knows?" If you're trying to put this relationship back together,... (6 replies)
... He screwed up actually. One night he came home and thought I was sleeping when he came in the bedroom. I saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a piece of paper. I watched him put that paper into his underwear drawer. When I got up in the morning he was still out cold. ... (38 replies)
... Thank you for your kinds words in my earlier post. It meant a lot to me. Everyone on this board is very kind. We are all here because we need an anonymous person to pour our hearts to. ... (15 replies)
Oct 7, 2012
... after seeing my bf over the holidays who i have been with for almost 20 years now and have not slept with anybody else, and we have not been having much sex, if any, for the past 5 years bc he was not interested or for whatever reason but it was not my doing... ... (5 replies)

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