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... my point here is that even with that inspiring example of independence, I have always been much more comfortable with a man in my life. ... (235 replies)
How do you leave?
Jul 10, 2004
... This is all true and a big help. You just need to look. If you also have close friends or family nearby to help that is a plus. You need to leave a.s.a.p feeling this way. ... (9 replies)
How do you leave?
Jul 10, 2004
... I don't think the answer is as simple as "just leave." And go where? ... (9 replies)

Female friends
Jul 3, 2004
... ld eventually develop into something more, but when it became clear I wasn't interested in a romantic way, they eventually dropped out of the picture. These are not "true" friendships. ... (9 replies)
... get into a new social circle, like a club, or through a course, somewhere with people who have the same interests u have. ... (11 replies)
... It's Not Like They Kept In Regular Contact Are you sure? ... (5 replies)
... Actually my biggest flaw is self acceptance. I can cook, bake, kinda sew in an emergency, clean and repair a house and do yardwork. ... (45 replies)
... he internet appear to be lonely and in a way I think the internet exacerbates that especially for those who are shy. People who sit at home and get all of their social interaction from IM's and chatrooms. One of my best girlfriends and I used to go out and do things until she "discovered" the internet and now that is her life. ... (29 replies)
Need help
Nov 18, 2003
... two of you are together quite a lot through your studies has probably made her "grow" on you more than what she would have if you had come across each other at a social event or a bus stop. Unfortunately there is no easy way to get over the feelings that you have and this has happened to most of us at some stage in life. ... (10 replies)
... p with at night, to have someone to wake up with in the morning, I don't know if I can go back to saying "oh well, it wasn't meant to be" anymore. But my phone's not exactly ringing off the hook, either. And it doesn't help that I work Friday and Saturday nights and have basically no time or chance of a social life. ... (17 replies)
... I'm not too sure where to start so I'll break it down to make things easy to read and understand. ... (3 replies)
... ween us since last winter, probably March 2010. But we've been living together since April 2009. I guess maybe it took that long for me to get frustrataed. I'm not sure. ... (11 replies)
I need advice!
Jan 27, 2010
... I don't understand how this type of environment, which is nothing but a cycle of violence, rage, angry outbursts, and alcoholism could possibly be called happy! ... (11 replies)
Sick of dad :(
Aug 6, 2009
... when I wrote this thread it was a very bad day. My father is a very sweet, kind man. He has never lost his temper like some, never thrown things like some have mentioned that have replied to me. ... (12 replies)
... I haven't read your past threads, so am not sure of the total problems with your husband. ... (32 replies)
Any Advice?
Feb 5, 2009
... I have recently began dating this girl. It seems to really be working out and everything is headed in a good direction. I met this girl through work but we didnt really start seeing each other until a year later when we ran into each other at school. ... (10 replies)
Man's story
Jan 1, 2009
... rful to stay with for two years except that he loved her and would do anything for her. Personally, I don't think the fact that someone will DO anything for you is enough of a basis for a real relationship. ... (14 replies)
Jun 16, 2008
... Try not to worry about it so much and let time take its course. I'm a 33 yo male and very much in the same boat. ... (9 replies)
... or his sister, who is also a close friend of mine. So for a long time its just been the two of us, and there isn't anything we don't share. ... (8 replies)
... tremely happy together and have been through a lot that has made us stronger. We don't live together because I want to wait until we are married and our sex life is good but we only get to when we have a place to go. We are both stressed out from our career futures and we don't have many friends. ... (9 replies)

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