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... ve always had great difficulty in finding a boyfriend and realised this is probably because my father was very unkind to me but my mother went into denial and indoctrinated me with the idea I was in a happy family! ... (13 replies)
... My main problem is that I've tried to work up the nerve before when his temper was driving me crazy and suggested we separate for a little while so we could get some perspective. ... (22 replies)
... Thanks for so much good advice. It surprises me how many things you know that i do, like not being real with people, comes from social anxiety that I only got over 5 years ago. Example how bad it was: I didn't go into a store by myself until I was 20, didn't drive till I was 24, made my first friend a year ago and still haven't invited them anywhere for fun. I could go on and... (13 replies)

Losing it.
Apr 30, 2006
... I can sort of relate to your feelings. I'm also considered pretty, in good shape, smart, and a decent person, but haven't had a boyfriend in a long time. ... (1 replies)
... :D Haaha--maybe it's true, you know! I have a major crush on Mr. Big, and I don't even know why :D I actually saw him once, from a distance, at a party after a movie premier, which I had the privilege to attend due to dating some stuck up jerk at the time. A few years ago, that is. I do relate the most to Carrie, too, although I hate these generalizations overall. ... (576 replies)
... You can say I'm bitter just because I am single, but it is a really frustrating problem for me. ... (19 replies)
Advice needed-
Jun 11, 2004
... life. And he can't blame it on any 'disease' because my grandfather, his father, pretty much never drank alcohol, and neither did my granmother. I like alcohol socially or sometimes when I feel really lonely and unhappy, but I'm not an alcoholic. ... (20 replies)
... First, I know I am selfish and that this is wrong. I'm 33 and have been in a serious relationship for 10 years. I was a virgin when we met and he is the only guy I've been with. He wants to marry but I have been hesitant. ... (9 replies)
... The time that I really sensed he must have felt something is when he sent me a picture and I could see a tissue I had given him ages ago. ... (3 replies)
... he's the one with the problem, the one unable to refrain from exhibiting socially unacceptable behavior. He's the one disgracing himself in public. ... (8 replies)
Need Help ASAP
Jul 5, 2010
... This is going to be a long one but i need advice badly. ... (5 replies)
... I need some serious advice, my heart is really torn. ... (16 replies)
... not sure if this is the place to ask this question. my boyfriend smoked pot for many, many years, basically since he was 18. ... (6 replies)
... Hi all, need some advice, this one is tricky for me... ... (9 replies)
... jerk instinct was feeling offended. I think we women really get off track when we start to deny our instincts and intuition because what our gut is telling us isn't socially acceptable. Her intuition is trying to tell her something. She should listen to it. ... (43 replies)
... I posted a week or so ago about how I never see my boyfriend now that he moved to the same city. Lately, he has been making efforts here and there to see me more than before because his schoolwork lightened up for a week. ... (7 replies)
Aug 28, 2005
... don't think long distance relationships can work except in a very tiny fraction of cases, usually when the couple has a long history together and the separation is only temporary. But in this case, I think you should definitely end things now... ... (16 replies)
Advice needed-
Jun 11, 2004
... I do respect that opinion, but I really believe that they can be encoded in your genes. I firmly believe that this is a disease. Just like diabetes, I think there is a chemical embalance there that is treated with alchohol. ... (20 replies)

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