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... leelee04, honey, I am so sorry to hear about this. You are not insane, you have every right to be upset and hurt. But let me tell you, this man does NOT deserve you. He doesn't. ... (16 replies)
... No good can ever come from it. Some people are master illusionists. ... (36 replies)
... it seems to me as though he is cheating. Of course, I cant say for sure because I dont know. But, you are right. The fact is that he lied to you before. If he really loved you and wanted it to work, he would do EVERYTHING he could to gain your trust back. ... (20 replies)

Please help
Nov 23, 2011
... I don't know where to start, or if my story will make sense to anyone, but I found this website today and thought that maybe I could write how I feel and what I'm going through and find someone to talk to that might understand or listen to how I feel without judging me. ... (3 replies)
Jan 11, 2012
... Ooh, boy. I know what this feels like and, to tell you the truth, I'm in the same boat as you. I have constant issues of insecurities, which I think stem back from childhood and my longest relationship. ... (10 replies)
Email snooper
Sep 10, 2005
... who he used to date prior to us meeting each other, once I kept seeing her name on his cell phone. ... (22 replies)
... I think it's possible that your boyfriend just wants to avoid confrontation. He's got two angry, upset women chewing his ears off on either side, I don't envy his position!! I have to admit, though, I can relate to your friend. ... (12 replies)
... ou have only managed to destroy you relationship some more. You have to let it go once and for all. You cannot keep rehashing the same thing over and over again. I ask you again, what are you getting out of this? ... (103 replies)
... I was just discussing the topic of trust with a friend earlier. I told him how I don't believe its something you can learn to do.. you either do or you don't. ... (5 replies)
... alking and reminiscing quite flirtatiously for 2 months online with someone they had dated right before you met. You had confronted them about it, they at first lied and said "it's just someone from one of my classes a few years ago" then it turned into "yeah we dated for a while". ... (15 replies)
... As someone in your situation i felt obliged to post my experience with my boyfriend and drugs. ... (28 replies)
... waiting on your boyfriend to "come around" is not going to get you anywhere. It is not going to make the pain stop, it's not going to make your boyfriend love you, and it's not going to make him want to settle down. ... (7 replies)
... me and my boyfriend had alot of trust issues. i leid to him about thigns because i was scared of the way he would react. ... (17 replies)
... Oh, sorry if I confused you GH! Well, no, really, I was always the kid in class that got beat up and picked on and stuff, so self esteem and trust in my own capabilities and feeling good in my own skin has always been a challenge for me. ... (174 replies)
... You know, I am really glad I had come across this site. I myself believe down to the core of my heart that I have a step daughter that has all the makings of a sociopath. ... (28 replies)
Need some opinions
Jun 30, 2005
... nor did i get jealous if she would spend time with guy friends. ... (23 replies)
Devastating news
Apr 18, 2008
... Do you understand how long felony charges follow a person...have you ever looked at a job application? ... (13 replies)
Break up
Sep 8, 2009
... My boyfriend of over 2 years and I broke up tonight. We lived together and had a dog together, making it that much harder. ... (10 replies)
... I can definitely see why the lying is probably the most disturbing part of all this. ... (28 replies)
... JKP, yes, I know it hurts very badly. ... (9 replies)

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