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... It's been almost a year now since my boyfriend had cheated on me. He made out with some skanky girl and lied to me about it how "nothing happened, rah rah rah". ... (3 replies)
... Hey! I had a few quick questions on ASPD. To start, my boyfriend and I are happily in love, and we've known each other for a long while. ... (0 replies)
Hit me hard
Jun 24, 2007
... Im ready to post now. ... (21 replies)

I feel so lied to
Aug 21, 2005
... renup because of the type of person he was. My current husband, I have absolute faith in our relationship and did before we got married and would never need him to sign a prenup. ... (44 replies)
... My situation was a bit similar. My boyfriend lied to me once, and never cheated on me or anything, but still hurt me, and its still hard getting over that. ... (14 replies)
... hey is some that you can't trust. It all depends on if that person has ever let you down. From what you put i wouldnt trust her. My relationships broke down , my boyfriend lied to me for 2 years and i have finally walked away as hes broke me badly and i could never trust so theres no point. ... (4 replies)
... Once they show you who they are, believe them. He won't change. It's hard to accept, but true. You can't change him so you don't need to think about him, but about you and what you want for your life. Does it really seem like it's him? ... (5 replies)
... my boyfriend lied to me about his age too. he said he was 26 when really he was 30. he did this because he liked me and he didnt want me to get scared and run off. we are still together this day and things are fine. i got over it. it was never really an issue anyway. ... (6 replies)
... To put into perspective, and to answer the post from Monday1954, the big thing that my boyfriend lied to me about in the past involved him going into an adult chat site. ... (103 replies)
... I think you need to accept the fact that the guy may have already cheated but he got caught. ... (11 replies)
He Lied to Me!
Jul 23, 2012
... Sorry about your break up. I hope you can look back and learn so many lessons from all of this. I don't think your boyfriend was so out of it that he doesn't remember what he said. If there was truth to he and your other roommate kicking you out, then that part wasn't a lie. ... (9 replies)
... I'm dealing with the same problem. I have ignored and blocked him numerous times under different email and messenger names, I have ignored every attempt of his to contact me, and, yet, it's been 3 years and dozens of victims later, and he continues to contact me. ... (14 replies)
... Your situation is mine verbatim, only i was never hit and he cheated on me while i was recovering from the abortion i had to get because he lied to me about getting a vasectomy. Honestly you just have to ignore and block everything. Don't even acknowledge you are getting the messages. ... (14 replies)
... I assume she means that by letting the boyfriend stay knowing that this sort of thing happens, then the friend is also putting the relative at risk by allowing this risk into her home. ... (21 replies)
... So I found out she was seeing her EX Boyfriend and she wasn't telling me because she wasn't sure if she wanted to start dating him again. ... (23 replies)
... This is my first post here and I really hope that someone can help me here. ... (6 replies)
... I dated my boyfriend for just over 3 years. We broke up this past February. He cheated on me but denied it. I knew something was going on, and I had finally had enough, so I left.. ... (11 replies)
... Like you, my boyfriend lied to me continually... ... (10 replies)
... one of my favorite restaurants. As we were having a great bottle of wine and great conversation, a man from my past approached our table and said hello to me. My heart dropped to my toes and I must have looked like I've just seen a ghost because I instantly felt cold around my arms... ... (6 replies)
... He lied to me over and over in my face. She had been in my bed, more than once. ... (30 replies)

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