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... Therein lies the issue...there is a problem for her with it. Regardless of how he feels about her. ... (13 replies)
... s long as it is solely your decision. If you want to call her then call her up. If you don't want to call her, don't let anyone talk you into it. The excuse your boyfriend is giving you to justify calling her is pretty lame. ... (14 replies)
... Joseph I'm going to be blunt here.... Run and run fast! Sorry to be so harsh but she is full of it. I had the same thing happen to me but I had not met him off the Internet I met him near where I work. To make a long story short....Things got really serious very quickly which was not how I wanted it. He treated me like a queen and I was swept off my feet but I wanted to... (39 replies)

... Yeah. Post your own I'm sure you can think of a million devious ways to get him!! Like, Yeah, I used to date this guy (Screenname) who had # of kids....blah blah blah (39 replies)
... For the most part, I can. But I have to say I can't find an iota of humor seeing my ex boyfriend on several major dating sites telling women that he has no children, when he does! All my noble principles just go to the toilet when I see this one. ... (39 replies)
... ruly thoughtful and loving he is. He has no clue who she's been sleeping with. My suggestion, he wanted the ex so bad, let her have him...unless you want to fear lies the rest of your relationship. Dont forget, she was willing also so its not just when you think HE may want sex, what if she asks him for it again? ... (36 replies)
... I agree with your points. What I am saying is that it's really childish when people ***** foot around and ignore etc, when all they have to do is SAY what's up. If it's a case of she left him, he's still hurting, THEN SAY SO....he has nothing to lose, that he hasn't already lost anyway. You might say well he could lose his pride....but to me, when it comes down to people I... (27 replies)
... I agree. She was the one who broke up with him, and there are consequences for dumping someone, such as that they might not want to get back together with someone who dumped them. All she can do now is to try to win his affections back but there's no guarantee he will be willing to take her back. Sorry but that's the reality. (27 replies)
... I think it fair to say that, when you break off a relationship, there are no rules about whom your former boyfriend can date or not date. ... (27 replies)
Need help
Mar 21, 2004
... In my opinion, and you may not agree, but this guy did you a favor, and he showed that he truly cares. Most guys would not even give you that common curtosey, they would stay with you and treat your kids like crap. THe thing is if you have been together for this long and he has helped you through so much, you should try and remain friends, accept that it is over for you and... (36 replies)
... eling. I think this is why I hate relationships, I hate the hurt, the extreme jealousy and everything. I want to hate her so bad, I hate what she does, how she lies about her boyfriend and everything. I'm just so upset, I don't know what to do, but drink. How do you stop thinking about somebody? ... (7 replies)
... Not sure where the confusion lies, just wanted to clarify somethings. I don't know if that last comment was directed at my statement or the original, but I don't think it's ok for a man to flop on the couch while the woman does all the work. I was just addressing the fact that the husband is verbally abusive to his step child. I understand he's been her husband of 6 years.... (14 replies)
... its a terrible feeling to experience this and not to be able to trust anythng that comes out of there ex boyfriend that i lived with portrayed himself to be everything i could ever want in a man and turned out to be everything i hate... ... (42 replies)
... Not many have the strength to do this but some are strong willed. If your boyfriend can not even tell you that he goes to strip clubs and if he feels the need to hide it from you and to touch a striper . ... (34 replies)
... The fact is that he lied to you before. If he really loved you and wanted it to work, he would do EVERYTHING he could to gain your trust back. When I caught my boyfriend lying to me once, he has done everything to show me he can be trusted. I havent caught him lying since then, because now he knows how important honesty is to me. ... (20 replies)
... This is my first time on this board so I will fill you in briefly. 4 days ago I left my boyfriend for the nth time but I intend to keep it that way. We have been on and off for 14 months and we keep going back to each other. ... (6 replies)
... Shaun ~ I know EXACTLY how you feel. I went through the same kind of thing with my boyfriend. He lied to me about something two years ago and he did it to my face and swore up and down to the truthfulness of his statement. To this day, I am still trying to get over how the trust was broken back then. It doesn't make it easier that other things have come up along the way where... (21 replies)
... Please don't take offense to this but your repeating the same things your not understanding that the problem lies within you, You have major trust issues that you need to work out asap! ... (103 replies)
My fiance
Sep 6, 2003
... now unfortunetly you meet up in life with dysfunctional people and thats what your girlfriend sounds like, i am going through a similiar situation with my now ex boyfriend . ... (29 replies)
... Personally, my problem lies with me to blame I think. I was very shy in my younger days and didn't get out much with the opposite sex to have new experiences. ... (7 replies)

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