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... You should learn the difference between being "in love' and being overly dependent on a person due to having stayed together for too long. I can pretty much guarantee that you don't love the guy, you just haven't learned how to be comfortable in your own company and that's the only reason why you miss having him around. I know you don't miss his angry outbursts and his heavy... (3 replies)
... said he was afraid of the way I would react, and it didn't matter anyway, so he just didn't tell me. I forgave him, but I still feel a little sick from it. If he lies about this, how do I know he's not gonna lie again? ... (3 replies)
... He has to lie because you're so jealous. You aren't married, if he wants to be with her, he would be. You make it impossible for him to have a friendly relationship with a co-worker. You asked him to talk to his supervisor about being transferred because you don't approve of his co-worker and this was at the beginning of your relationship?? You snoop and question unknown... (12 replies)

... Your boyfriend may be a habitual liar. He may have learned long ago to lie to get himself out of uncomfortable situations. ... (12 replies)
... The human brain is not finished developing until about age 25. You cannot fault someone for not being perfect when physiologically they cannot even be complete for at least another handful of years. Sounds like you're taking this way too seriously and I'd be equally worried that you're quickly turning out to be someone who is too critical. Learn to relax and accept that... (3 replies)
... Hey, I'd really appreciate your opinions on whether I am overreacting or if there is cause for concern in my relationship. We have only been officially going out for just over a week but I was dating him for several months before that. We are only 17 and I am his first girlfriend. Basically, last week he asked me to log on to his Facebook and change his profile picture as... (3 replies)
... I agree with kzan, it all sounds so high school drama-ish and really, who cares who did what 20 years ago and why someone is rehashing it all now with truth or lies? In some ways I think facebook is very much like high school where everyone is in everyone's business and gossip and drama is rife. I don't know how old you all are but I think y'all need to find something more... (15 replies)
... I wouldn't give all of you to him. It's mentally impossible for you to do that at this point anyhow. You have to tell him you don't trust him. You can't hide things and build a healthy relationship on lies. be honest with him. I understand why he wondered off to another girl. He wanted to play the field a little because you were his first. Happened to me as well. He may be... (21 replies)
... Hi, I feel for you as when a person loves someone that much they are willing to do almost anything to be with that person. That said, sometimes the only way to learn is to live it. I once loved someone very deeply and I knew he had mental disorders though I was not sure exactly what he had. I would become upset from his outbursts, his lies, etc. yet I forgave him... (16 replies)
... since a sociopath, having moved to another state with no word after promising the moon, came to see me, having said he'd give an explanation. He did not. More lies and evasion. No remorse, no conscience. They are sick, sick, sick, some even psychopathic or having dissociative identity disorder. ... (14 replies)
... circumstances. Please keep in mind that the 'heart' being spoken of in the particular scripture refers to the figurative heart that is the center of humans where lies their hopes, fantasies, goals, imaginations, love, joy and so on which is the seat of motivation that drives such qualities. ... (10 replies)
... forget about him, you don't owe him anything hes a loser, he made promises and told you lies so he didnt worry or think about you , so don't think about him, stick to marriage counselling to put your marriage right, and obviously don't cheat again it causes too much pain and in the end surely it can't of been worth it. (16 replies)
... r apologize to him about it. He's not innocent in this and YOU didn't destroy his relationship either...he's a cheater! Now if you would have called and made up lies then you could blame yourself but this was not the case here. ... (16 replies)
... ling. My question is I really want to contact my Xbf and explain to him what was wrong with me. I don't want to reconnect, he strung me along with promises and lies for too long. I know he could not be trusted. He has tried to cheat on every woman he was with since I have known him. ... (16 replies)
... t trust him. Listen to your gut, your instincts are there for a reason. Why would you even entertain the notion of having a baby with a man you don't trust, who lies and hides things, and who by all accounts hasn't grown up yet? ... (9 replies)
... i think he is not good enough for you. he drinks, lies to you, keeps you away from his friends. that is suspicious in my opinion. if it was me i would tell him where the door is lol. ... (9 replies)
... open my eyes. "Conceptual" you really got it, your comment really affected me. "If he is emotionally unavailable, that says a lot, and that is where the problem lies in my opinion, and not the attractiveness part. He simply can't commit, can't love, is needy, and fears emotions. ... (14 replies)
... If he is emotionally unavailable, that says a lot, and that is where the problem lies in my opinion, and not the attractiveness part. He simply can't commit, can't love, is needy, and fears emotions. ... (14 replies)
... leave. But the fact is, you can't make him be someone he isn't, someone he has no desire to be. You are lying to yourself saying underneath that abuse and anger lies a wonderful, loving man and all you have to do is find the magic formula that will make sweet guy come out for good and make angry abusive drunk guy go away. ... (3 replies)
... Hello there. I'm kinda confused here. Cuz I read ur post where ur bf was always with ur cousin n it seemed like they had a gay relationship goin on. When u realized that, u broke up with him for good. Are u that same person? Or am I thinking ur somebody else? Becuz if u are, I'm scared for you that you're not realizing what kinda man this is!! You seem like a sweetheart and he... (12 replies)

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