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... Thanks so much for everyone's input. I dont want to waste my time in a relationship that only makes me feel bad. I am not/nor have i ever been the girlfriend who is suspicious, jealous, and untrusting. I had never gone through anyone's stuff before, but i really felt insecure about this guy. I dont want to continue to worry and look over my shoulder. This is not the... (15 replies)
... was overshadowed by different considerations is perhaps a sign that the real problem lies elsewhere. Ultimately only you should know what is better for you, although you may be blinded by your love for him, your faith, your hope, whatever. ... (74 replies)
... I'm no fortune teller but I don't see this ending well. I predict that you will get your heart broken if you stay with this guy. There's too many lies and half-truths by him for it to work out. Stay with him if you feel that you must, but realize that you're heading for some major heartbreak if you do so. (30 replies)

... Sooo... He just called me now. Telling me how much he loves me & doesn't want to break up. He asked me to go for lunch with him tomorrow. Heres the thing, he has court tomorrow at 9am (traffic court). I said I would go to lunch with him around 11. 11 is no good for him. At first he says he has to go downtown and pick up some car part for a friend. THEN he changes his story to... (30 replies)
... The guy I have been on and off with for over 4 years was just coming out of a 7 year relationship , the times when we have been "off" were due to his communcation with his ex , if he was with her for that long and isnt the one who ended the relationship there are reasons to worry about him still being on contact and if it bothers you then I suggest you lay down the ground... (7 replies)
... sounds like a pyscho to me. Anytime anyone does anything for thier own personal gratification and has no remorse and lies all the time is pretty much pyscho stuff. I know people like this and they are so hard to deal with because they never take responsibility for anything. ... (17 replies)
... doesnt really matter...whether it was 1 or 100. Its what the 2 of you have now and your FUTURE together not what lies in both your pasts, right? ... (15 replies)
... family than be in a relationship with someone who lies to me so he can spend the night with his ex. ... (15 replies)
... He will never be honest.. only lies to keep you holding on. You do NOT treat someone like the way hes treating you and call that love. ... (15 replies)
... A couple more points Undertheweather (kt tunstall? beautiful song) Like your guy, this other guy had all sorts of horror stories why he didn't use heavy drugs too much (eg, crying, really meaning it, he would relate how his best friend died because he introduced him to heroin. Then going and shooting up in the bathroom without your knowledge) Like you, my friend was... (12 replies)
... as well as many other drugs on the side but to a level generally considered recreational. He lies and manipulates. He often plays the little boy card, the vulnerable state "I feel so bad I feel I've cheated on you but I haven't... ... (12 replies)
... The only thing you really can do is continue to be honest with Eric. No little lies about anything. You need to earn back his trust, which can take a lot of time and patience on your end. ... (6 replies)
... Personally, I don't think that at this stage in my life I would have the time or patience for a friend like that. Back when I was 21 (9 years ago) there were 4 of us that were always together. "A" was such a drama queen and always needed the attention. It was so bad that she talked "P" into breaking up with her boyfriend (who was a complete jerk BTW) and then started... (4 replies)
... she ate my food and whined about finding her abusive boyfriend in bed with a stripper. I honestly found it hard to give her sympathy. Half the time, I'm not sure what to believe. ... (4 replies)
... urn around "ok, I lied but only because YOU would flip out." Well, YA!!!! You told him you didn't want him to do X. He promises he won't. Then he does X. Then he lies about X. Then he gets caught doing X. ... (20 replies)
... it's ok if he spends time with her behind my back and lies to me about it as long as he comes clean in the end". How is that ok? ... (20 replies)
... All I can say here is past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior. How many times can you give him the benefit of the doubt when he lies the way he does. How much more are you seriously willing to put up with? ... (15 replies)
... you dont care if they are just friends or not tell him whats unacceptable and if he keeps doing it then dont zap out because if u do u will still continue to get lies stay calm and cool. Tell him that its disrespectful to you. ... (15 replies)
Truth or Lies?
Feb 13, 2007
... That is exactly what I was thinking . If he is that close to death how can he be sending me text messages and calling several times a day and all. What I learned thought is that the people who commonly get this kind of fungal meningitus are people with very weak immune systems like cancer patients and people in later stages of HIV which in turn makes me wonder if it isn't... (5 replies)
Truth or Lies?
Feb 13, 2007
... to, more talk he said his boyfriend worked over at this so and so place and I said, Yeah so does mine... ... (5 replies)

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