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... What confuses me is that I simply do not trust him since the lies but the thought of losing him is sooo painful! So I just keep thinking that time will eventually heal the wounds. ... (16 replies)
... If we love, we will be hurt...on some level...always. It's the risk we take. I was VERY hurt when my husband and I split. Wanted to die. Literally. Then hurt again by Joe and his disappearance. Then hurt by Micheal's lies. It's going to happen. If you bail everytime you have the potential to get hurt, you will never be happy and in love. Don't you think??? (38 replies)
... hiya, ive never been in that situation, thankgod but i know it must be so hard for you, your poor thing. Im just goin to be totally honest here so i hope i dont offend you but your 'mother' sounds to me like a total b**ch who doesnt care about anything but herself and her selfish needs... i mean for a mother to do that to her daughter is just the lowest thing she could... (18 replies)

... favor that will never change! Honey, do yourself a big favor and move on! There are so many other guys out here and I know that you can do better than a man that lies to you all of the time! It's not worth the heartache. ... (20 replies)
... ou think you want to spend your life with, it may be better to let it go and date others for a while until you decide if you can do this or not! The fact that he lies already points to big trouble down the road! ... (20 replies)
... He is manipulative and more than likely lies more than I really care to admit to myself or anyone else. His finances are a total mystery to me. ... (18 replies)
... I suspect, however, that the truth lies somewhere in between. ... (15 replies)
... Piranna ~ Goody has been sitting by the sidelines watching others offer wonderful advice. And I must say that Blue Eyed Lady's advice is right on. Right away when you posted about the next drama.....I saw clear manipulation here. Believe me, I have in laws that are masters of manipulation (MOM) and the leader in the pack often ends up being MOM!!!! Blue is correct....if... (18 replies)
... Well, yes, people tell little lies here and there such as subtracting the number of years or pounds (usually done by women) or adding inches in height and maybe exaggerating their professional success (men), but in my opinion, lying about a past marriage and a child is a major thing. It doesn't fit into the "white lie" category. They've been together for four months--when... (20 replies)
... flat out hit on my guy and then tell me about it and how they wished he would have wanted to be with them instead of me, or spread numerous, vicious rumors and lies about me and other guys to try and sabotage my relationships. ... (34 replies)
... guilt of all kinds. Finally, by the time she turned 18 and was caught with lie after lie after lie we had enough. She was given the opportunity to own up to her lies or out the door you go. Well, she played hard ball and so did we and out the door she went. I was very proud of my wife for finding the power inside to do it. ... (28 replies)
... ts, steal from other people, and steal from his job to get money to support his habit. My mom does everything in the world for him, for both of us, and he still lies to her face and says he does not do it when he does every day. ... (8 replies)
People Lying
Nov 8, 2004
... I know what it's like to have someone trying to break up your relationship with lies. You have to ask yourself, what reason does D have to tell you that your boyfriend smokes pot behind your back? ... (8 replies)
... this is going to be very long.if youre not going to offer advice please dont waste your time.i'm sad i'm hurt i feel betrayed and i need help.i cry all the time,im crying even now. i met my now former -ex, i dont like that word, boyfriend as of last saturday-,when i was only 16 years old.the sweetest most lovable person ive ever known in my life.we were together until the... (3 replies)
... one friend decided she hated me and spread lies about me all over school, one girl told me she had always wanted my boyfriend and had been trying to seduce him for years behind my back. Then, like she was doing me a favor, she complained that he had never returned her affection. ... (9 replies)
... with boyfriend when she knew he had another girl. She even told me "I'm so stupid." but she did it anyway. ... (13 replies)
... Course not, it was a good intention and as the expression goes, good intentions pave the roadway to hell. Your encounter with her was built on lies and doomed from the start. ... (36 replies)
... As a child mom always told me she wanted me to be perfect and when I wasn't she said some very mean things. When I got my first boyfriend she became worse about this. She would physically hurt me when she became angry. She thought I was hurting her by being with him. This somehow got resolved. ... (25 replies)
Lying problems
May 25, 2008
... I am sure that a fair percent of time, people do get away with a lie or two. This gives the lying party the ability to have some cake, and eat it too! However, lies don't usually turn out as beautifully as a cake. At least, not for long. ... (4 replies)
... ts social media ilk, are a bane for relationships. The ease and ubiquitous connection turns people to become disconnected. But this isn't about me. You have a boyfriend that lied about having a Facebook account, in addition keeps his relationship status invisible. ... (5 replies)

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