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... HI! I am not even reading any further than your message and can I FEEL YOUR PAIN! YOu don't understand how much! The questions you ask are so much like mine. I broke it off with my ex of 19 years and split for 2 months now and he loves me and still talks to me and still well every now and then we have to get our "fix" if you know what I mean. However, why didn't he stay awake... (8 replies)
... Hey all, have something that is really bothering me and need to vent- help if you can! My guess is this will be long, but I will try to make it as painless as possible- to all that read it...Thanks much.. ;) I have been dating my current boyfriend for almost two years now- he is darn near close to perfect in my eyes. Attractive, sweet, romantic and funny. I could not ask... (8 replies)
... Its message was that I am not the doormat she seems to have mistaken me for. I have clearly stated my boundaries, and that her transgression lies far outside the limits of normal civilised behaviour. She can either apologise, or be excluded from my life forever. ... (7 replies)

... My boyfriend is not the only scumbad. There is a scumbag that lies within every man alive. Even the most honest, loyal and admirable men cannot give into temptation. His temptations were WRONG!! So wrong! No doubt about that. ... (30 replies)
... One question - why are you psycho analysing his every word and action? You're assuming that everything he's told you is the truth. But, in reality, you've been telling him lie after lie. Is it possible that he's reacting to what you're telling (lies) him? Come on ... this is getting out of hand! how do you expect to sort anything out when this has more twists and turns... (204 replies)
... session, something another woman can slip into her pocket when I'm not looking. No one can be 'stolen' who doesn't want to be. I knew a girl in high school whose boyfriend ran around on her, and she spend all of her time at parties and such punching other girls in the face with whom her boyfriend flirted. ... (7 replies)
... my current boyfriend is still in contact with an ex that cheated constantly. he told me he gave her up for me...doesnt bother me that he is in contact, it bothers me that he lied. ... (6 replies)
... eight years. My old supervisor and I became friends when I was 20 and she, 34. She and I would go out to the bars together as we both enjoyed live music. Her boyfriend was a musician and I dated one of his friends for about 6 months. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for 2 years at the end of this month. ... (16 replies)
... my boyfriend every once in a while is fine with me anything further then that I do not like.... ... (9 replies)
... to your question you never heard it the other way around that if a girl said she didn't have a boyfriend but did? ... (7 replies)
... ntimately involved with someone else. The general consensus is that you're nothing more then infatuated with this new person. Your infatuation with your current boyfriend wore off a long time ago and what you're now in is a committment type of love. I would suggest you make sure you figure out the difference between the two. ... (10 replies)
... If your interpretation of the "best girl ever" is one who lies and cheats, then she's the one for you. If you desire more out of a relationship than making out with someone elses girlfriend, then move on.... ... (2 replies)
... Really?! You gormless simpletons are STILL stalking me? Why can't you people get your own lives and stay out of mine? I don't follow you around the internet talking trash about you. Why do so for me? What kind of mental disease causes people to make fake profiles on web sites just to torment a past boyfriend? I know who this is and you need to worry about your own fiance and... (23 replies)
Help ladies!
Sep 13, 2009
... I do truely love her and this was my first and last lie to her. She doesn't realize how hard it was to keep from her. I just didn't want to hurt her. It was a lose-lose situation for me. But I deserve whatever happens. All I can do now is hope she can find some forgiveness. (7 replies)
Help ladies!
Sep 13, 2009
... in boyfriend of 2.5 years because of lying. Because this seems to be the first time you lied to her, I would ask for forgiveness. But, be warned, your lies CAN'T continue...about ANYTHING because it will ruin your relationship and you might throw away everything for stupid lies like my ex did. ... (7 replies)
... Second of all, he lies. He lies a lot. Mostly about little things that I wouldn't break up with him over. Like he will tell me he's going to a friend's house and then he will go to the bar. ... (21 replies)
... i will tell you, if my boyfriend cheated and just never told me, and somehow I DID find out, i would never speak to him again. girls always find out, unless they are just idiots. ... (65 replies)
... I then ask him about it and he LIES OFF THE BAT! He tells me HE SWEARS he never did... ... (7 replies)
... was offered scholarships for college since he was a great football player in highschool. His parents went to jail when he was 17. His mom is a walking liar. She lies about everything. ... (60 replies)

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