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... You say you want to take this situation to be a meaningful lesson, yet you aren't permitting your boyfriend the same liberty. ... (24 replies)
... ove past it to then reply with I only spoke to her because I knew you were talking to other guys my question is why does he continue to lie to me I've caught him out a couple of times he contradicts what he has said to me previously and that is how I know, how do we get passed this and how do I get him to be honest with me? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for so much good advice. It surprises me how many things you know that i do, like not being real with people, comes from social anxiety that I only got over 5 years ago. ... (13 replies)

... early morning when everybody had left, myself and this girl engaged in a conversation warm with eachothers laughter and the whole process of getting to know each other started. ... (9 replies)
... but I think I've finally gotten everything straightened out in my head, for the most part at least. ... (20 replies)
... ke this are why I get frustrated with people who see moral issues in black and white and before this happened would have fallen all over themselves praising this girl for not sleeping around, as if having sex makes you a bad person. ... (45 replies)
... That's what I'm shooting for, it's just a hard switch to flip off when it's seemingly tapped up in a permenant "ON" position. I spoke with my therapist about it before and she wants to do some eye movement... ... (47 replies)
... You remind me of my boyfriend in some ways. I agree with you on alot of things you've said...there are ALOT of petty and down right ignorant people in this world. Pathetic really. ... (15 replies)
Online dating
Jan 18, 2009
... but on that note I had a guy that I went to high school with that I dated and that relationship was horrible so don't judge an online dating experience by that! ... (79 replies)
... boyfriend and I broke up several months ago after I found out he had never ended things with his previous girlfriend that had moved over 2000 miles away. ... (8 replies)
... never would've done that inside. I threw it, directly in his face, said, "Hmmm..I'm out of beer." and walked to the keg. ... (78 replies)
... benefits" until about February when we decided to be "dating exclusively". Then in June we were official boyfriend and girlfriend. She's a great girl... ... (12 replies)
... Some of you may know about a male friend of mine who has periodically been a "friend with benefits" to a degree, though I've madeup my mind that part's over. ... (30 replies)
... That has me a little confused. I should not send her a note if i truly fell in love with her? ... (13 replies)
... miss least is the worrying and pressure of trying to maintain a relationship all by myself. I wish I had of had the luxury of being able to sit back and just go with things while someone else put in all the hard yards. I guess sometimes we forget the not so good things and concentrate way too much on the good things. ... (216 replies)
... and I've been here for a while and given my advise and opinions ad nauseum, but have never started a thread of my own, so I thought maybe if I did, I could deal with my own issues all in one shot, and keep it out of other threads except to pass on my experience. Anyway, here we go... ... (235 replies)
... My boyfriend of 8 months had a problem with coke several years ago following his divorce but has told me time and again he is no longer interested in it. I made it clear I didn't want to be around anything like that since I could lose my job if he was caught with it while I was with him. ... (9 replies)
... p very close to my grandmother. My mother worked the night shift and it was allowed for me to visit her 2 nights a week. I enjoyed hikes and visiting my cousins with her. Now that I am older I realize how hard her life is and we have established a friendship. However my grandmother will always be my first mother. ... (13 replies)
... I'm really glad to hear that both Greeneyes and Sophia have met new guys with good potential...that's great news and I hope everything keeps going well. ... (109 replies)
... Then, I met my now boyfriend! We met working at a summer camp for people with disabilities so right there you can get an idea of the type of person he is. ... (8 replies)

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