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... Well...that is complicated.I'll try to express it, however I'm not sure I will give a good representation in such a short time. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he also struggles with some other problems that they have had trouble treating and diagnosing. He has an intense physical symptom, he get this back pain that is associated with his mental illness. He... (23 replies)
... You don't say WHAT mental illness your boyfriend has. ... (23 replies)
... on addiction or disability, which are two pretty common issues with the mentally ill. When we confronted the doctor about his lack of knowledge, his reaction was to fire my BF as a patient. ... (9 replies)

... You seem to still think there is something you can do or say that will magically turn him into a loving boyfriend who would never hurt you. Unfortunately for you, that's never going to happen. ... (13 replies)
... Yup, depending on who's statistics you look at, anywhere from 3 to 10 women are murdered by a husband or lover every single day in the US. I agree with Red as well. You will not get personal power by trying to out-shout your abuser. You get real power by not putting up with being abused at all. By simply not taking it, by walking away. (12 replies)
... According to the Bureau of Justice statistics taken from 1975 through 2005, 30% of women murdered were killed by their husband or boyfriend. Only 5% of male murder victims were murdered by their wife or girlfriend. Definitely not a fad. Batterers are usually psychologically normal (not mentally ill or otherwise much distinguishable from a "regular" guy) and have normal... (12 replies)
... Wow you definately have a tough situation on your hands. I really feel for you both and especially your boyfriend in this must be terrible having to live with all those mental problems. ... (9 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years. We do not live together, though we have been planning on doing so. ... (9 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 18, 2011
... I was you. He sounds very mentally ill. Whatever you allow him to get away with he will do it and it will get worse over time. ... (27 replies)
... My friend went through the same things with her bipolar boyfriend. He was a wonderful person apparently when he was feeling good, but other times he was horrible. Like your bf, he was confused all the time, and would break up with her during the depressive episodes, only to beg her to take him back when he was feeling better again. What a rollercoaster! He was also saying... (23 replies)
... y the police and his parents three different times because my roommate, who wasn't at all popular with men, was so enthralled by having her first ever boyfriend, mentally ill or not, that she helped him break out of the mental hospital each time. ... (207 replies)
... selfish, evil, deceitful, sneaky, mentally ill, you name it and I've been called by the term. ... (64 replies)
... wing in my 2 cents here just in case it might help. I can relate to how you feel in a way, but also let me tell you what I have learned. I have a brother who's mentally ill. He first got sick when I was 16, and my parents always did everything they could to hide the fact that he was ill, which is next to impossible. ... (29 replies)
... you must have a mental problem" for the longest he kept telling my mother that I was mentally ill because I am always at home in my room. I thought this was normal? ... (157 replies)
... Heres the back story. Ill give you the whole thing, then maybe you can tell me if im being stupid, or if im right or what. ... (2 replies)
... just that they would let eachother know whats happened, well, she was doing a lot of drugs and partying, and slept with a few boys for fun. well, this made her boyfriend at the time, angry. ... (15 replies)
... and depression because I didn't have a partner and never thought I'd be comfortable with anyone to ever even want sex. But now I'm a lot happier with my current boyfriend and yes, we're very active. I feel a lot like you. Now... ... (37 replies)
... Thank you Ladies.. We actually had a huge discussion about it.. no, it wasn't about the flower necessarily and it was just the little things.. It's not so bad except that (knowing that guys can't take hints) I told him I wanted a flower weeks prior.. and a few times.. he just didn't think. He missed our lunch just a week later, forgetting that the day prior I asked him to... (11 replies)
... JennyLee, you are most certainly not mentally ill. Just live your life however YOU want to live it and enjoy yourself. That's all. ... (157 replies)
... months that I had OCD and paranoia and was very mentally ill from it. When it turns out the whole time all I had was a case of very good intuition. ... (4 replies)

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