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... of six months might be gay. There is a lot of background info but it is all important, so please bear with me. ... (31 replies)
... se he thinks he might be gay, and long story short, hes decided to leave and try dating other guys to see what its like and i've decided to wait and see if there might still be a chance of us getting back together. ... (5 replies)
... ng you are gay, tell him that they've even commented about it in front of him. Ask him why he thinks they do that, like, why his college roommate would think he might be gay. Tell him that it concerns you and you just want to know if there's anything he isn't telling you that has made this such a focus among his friends. ... (31 replies)

... Let me start by saying I am a gay man, and I have always kind of known I was gay. ... (31 replies)
... suspected me to be gay and asked me, I'd be hurt that she thought that. ... (31 replies)
... You seem to be almost convincing yourself that he is. ... (31 replies)
... Thanks Sam. My gay friend did have something different to say after he came to his apartment. He said he could see what I saw. ... (31 replies)
... g. even if he never wanted a threesome it wouldn't have been a big deal. i have guy friends that fit your bf's descript to a perfect T. but they are in no way gay or even close to any closet. but people seem to think if a guy is into fashion, has a neat place to live and so on and so forth, must be gay. ... (31 replies)
... Whether or not he turns out to be gay, it sounds like you two just don't match up. Sometimes opposites attract, but there still has to be something contecting two people. ... (5 replies)
... d you see him checking out other girls... okay, that makes him straight. Unless you've seen him show an interest in guys, then there's no grounds to think he may be gay other than stereotypes. ... (31 replies)
... friend. So it may be the case that he is using this as a lame excuse to cover the fact that he is not really into you. ... (5 replies)
... family with him...this MUST be talked about between the two of you. You don't want to become some tragic prop wife for the benefit of his Cathloic homophobic parents. ... (31 replies)
... So all of the very helpful postings along with discussions with friends led me to decide I needed to meet with my boyfriend to talk. He had a softball game and the players usually go out for a drink after. We made plans to meet at TGI Fridays after the game. ... (31 replies)
... hes extremely loud and always has his door open. I have always noticed gay tendencies but I have never considered him being gay because he has a girlfriend. ... (16 replies)
... About a year ago, I also met a man who I thought was gay. In fact, he is now posthumously known as GAY BOYFRIEND. ... (31 replies)
... This is a tough call. From one perspective, I can see how all of those things may add up to him being gay. But from another perspective, he might just be one of those really effeminate guys. They're out there you know, they're not gay, they're just more effeminate than masculine. ... (31 replies)
... obviously from your posting its impossible for anyone to say whether he is gay or not..perhaps he acts "feminine" sometimes because he was brought up in an enviroment which was extremely feminine? ... (31 replies)
... I don't have much more to offer in the means of advice, but I can't help but think that asking him straight out if he is gay or not could have a negative effect on your relationship. It will obviously let him know that you suspect that he may be. ... (31 replies)
... term boyfriend of mine had an uncle who was gay. This man was married to a woman for 15 years, had three children with her, and then came out. ... (31 replies)
... telling him that I looked at it as pretty much the same situation. I felt like making it clear that I was okay with any type of sexual interaction might make him more comfortable indicating an interest on his part. He said that he would be "grossed out" by having another guy involved. ... (31 replies)

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