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... what at the moment. Moody for no reason... Moody because I've done something that annoyed him... Moody because he has to go to work... ... (11 replies)
... my boyfriend is so moody i can barely stand it. every couple of months he gets into this weird distant mood. ... (12 replies)
... boyfriend was also very moody and would "try" to put all the blame on me whenever something went wrong. It drained me so much that I finally said to him "I had enough of this! ... (11 replies)

... Men are MOODY too............ ... (12 replies)
... my boyfriend figure is extremely moody. ... (11 replies)
... Things that I don't normally do. Might give him a reality check. And about my dad... not so much extreme long lasting mood swings, but more like, being extremely moody over petty things and taking it all out on mum. It wasn't until she had a nervous breakdown that he eased off. ... (11 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. ... (7 replies)
... it. I am not used to being with someone that won't break my heart, so I still keep my guard up sometimes. I hate that I am that way, but it doesn't help that my boyfriend is very insecure and always thinks I am going to dump him or find someone better. ... (8 replies)
... net on wikipedia ...i could see a picture of an actors face but didnt recognise it so i said ''what you reading about honey''... his reponse ''just stuff'' in an moody tone of voice. then he would say something and i thought he was talking to me but i didnt hear him so i'd ask ''what did ya say honey''.. ... (14 replies)
... it sounds to me hes the one with a problem.when you try to get away he puts it back in your lap again. (11 replies)
... You're Moody each and every time you have your period......Right? ... (11 replies)
... This is so funny (in a non-comical way). I have the same problem with my bf, we've been together for over 10years. As it turns out, I got so sick of his attitudes and non-chalance afterwards that I looked all over for answers; is it me? Am I doing something wrong? It all brought me to the realization that he is "verbally and emotionally abusive" I read the books and it... (12 replies)
... Hey guys, I'm probably gonna come across as the psycho crazy girlfriend, but I just need some help. So me and my boyfriend have been together just short of a year and he is a an amazing guy, really funny, caring, sweet etc. ... (5 replies)
... boyfriend also choked me once when he was intoxicated. He has also shoved me before and verbally abused me regularly. A boyfriend should make you better and happier... not make you feel like your life and sanity is being destroyed. ... (48 replies)
... Your saying your Niece's boyfriend HIT on YOU, your married and have a 4 yr old son...How much older are you then this kid who picked on you? ... (10 replies)
... I imagine you were hoping people would suggest ways to deal with your boyfriend that would top is bad behavior, not just tell you to leave him. ... (9 replies)
... Can i just say...your NOT alone with this lol. My boyfriend gets moody and snappy when he hasnt got weed. I just ignore him when hes been like that as i find it immature. ... (5 replies)
Immature boyfriend
Sep 12, 2010
... i need some advice please. my boyfriend of 2 years can be very immature. if we have a disagreement or an argument he is all over his kids rubbing it in my face. ... (19 replies)
... My boyfriend of 7 months has recently become distant... ... (4 replies)
... I need some advice. I put BPD literature in the bathroom and he came across it, of course he doesn't see himself in any of the symptoms. I then tried making him feel good by saying "I wouldn't think less of you if you do have this", but he then turns it around and says that maybe i'm the one that has a mood disorder, because I'm always bitchy & moody huh?!!. Then he said how... (18 replies)

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