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... Men don't want to talk about their problems. They just want you to act like nothing is the matter and take their s#*t. So, get used to it . (12 replies)
... Hi there- sorry for ur troubles. It sounds like he has an abusive trait. Or maybe hes just not normal- it depends if you want to help him- and Please get him help if you stay, dont put urself through any form of abuse- just leave. and abusive tendancies are usually followed by the i love you stuff. Thats why its so confusing for you now. Dont let urself feel... (12 replies)
... Get out now. I'm sure your bf does love you but he loves abusing you, too. You will *never* be able to give him enough space; whatever you do will bug him. If he doesn't call you, and you just let it go for a few days, he'll be mad that you don't care enough to call him. If you *do* call him, you're bugging him or nagging him or not trusting him. It will never stop. ... (12 replies)

... uglynow--i'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. it's really funny you mention verbal and emotional abuse--i bought an e-book yesterday titled The Emotionally Abusive Relationship : How to Stop Being Abused and How to Stop Abusing. i read through it, and some points hit home, some didn't, you know how it goes. the stuff that goes on between us is nowhere near as severe as... (12 replies)
... if someone was continuously grumpy and snappish and then turned the charm on to get laid at night. I think it's just unacceptable behavior in general to be THAT moody and I know I wouldn't want to be around anyone like that. ... (10 replies)
... Get rid of this guy. Moodiness only gets worse as time goes on, and it will drag down your relationship. If he can't communicate, get someone better. (12 replies)
... A lot of guys are like that.They don't want to pestered with questions after a hard days work.They like to chill out,eat,relax,and then when they get relaxed they like to talk about their day.I don't think its worth fighting about.Not everybody can just talk about their problems at just any old time.And I don't think one should be forced to.If I were you ,I would just stay... (12 replies)
... What?! Unless you like smelly, skeevy old losers, it's really not that easy. And women have more of a burden when it comes to birth control and raising kids. As for the topic: I don't care about money, as long as I have enough to be comfy - i.e. not living from paycheck to paycheck. But I would not expect some guy to support me. (44 replies)
... you have the right to be moody and demanding, a man has none of that. ... (44 replies)
... it was also bad timing because it was the only period of my life since I started dating during which I lacked a boyfriend for more than a month or two at a time. ... (18 replies)
Need some opinions
Jun 30, 2005
... get a phone call from her late wednesday night "is it alright if i come over, i want to see you, sorry bout before, my friends place is no fun cause her and her boyfriend are too engrossed in each other etc. ... (23 replies)
... he cared....except there were those days where I would over sleep and he'd call a million times because he'd been outside wiating for almost an present boyfriend gets really moody when he comes by to pick me up and I make him wait for 20 minutes...well you know what? ... (30 replies)
... d to her... but I do like the fact that when I'm with her, I try new things, I get out of my comfert zone.. It's a totally new experence in my life. She's a very moody person.. and she's been out of town latly. It's been at least 2 or 3 weeks since we last seen each other.. and I know she's wanting to see me Thursday night. ... (2 replies)
... but he just got all moody and told me that I was being stupid about bringing stuff up like that. Let's just say I said my peace and didn't talk the rest of night. ... (27 replies)
... If it's any consolation, my friend's boyfriend does this to her all the time. He gets into his moods and will act grumpy or annoyed, but then later or the next day he's acting normal again. ... (21 replies)
... a minute..." and that was the end of my singing along, even though he got to play all night with the band. Toward the end of our relationship, he started getting moody and distant, and even a bit mean at times, and I made it clear that I knew how I felt and even though he had our issues, I was in it for good. ... (235 replies)
Female friends
Jul 3, 2004
... Hey, I'm in a similar situation, except I already finished college. I had all these male friends who were mostly my friends because they hoped it would eventually develop into something more, but when it became clear I wasn't interested in a romantic way, they eventually dropped out of the picture. These are not "true" friendships. I have a few female friends, but at my... (9 replies)
... Funny isn't boyfriend gave me a hug and wished me a Happy Mother's day and I told him thanks, but I'm not your mother..Now go call your mother and give that wish to her. ... (17 replies)
... I was engaged last year to be married. We broke up for four months because we just argued and had conflict throughout our relationship. It was pursuant to a lot of issues we have had. Undeniabily, there was true love there. I really do love this man. He has health issues. He's type II diabetic and smokes cigarettes. He never truly exercised (I'm a exercise... (6 replies)
... was acting so distant and less affectionate.... the answer startled me. He said that he had been but everytime he tried I was too upset to see it. I have been moody lately and he said he gave up trying because it didnt matter what he did I always found something wrong. ... (3 replies)

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