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... Oddly enough in light of what you said about your boyfriend, mine was adopted and felt "left in the trash can" by his birth mother. ... (22 replies)
... My boyfriend has been living off of me for the last three months, financially, emotionally, using my willingness to clean. He basically hasn't done anything. ... (10 replies)
... r him anymore. I still thought about him and had feelings for him, but as time went on they seemed to diminish more and more. A week before we started going out, his best friend of like 8 years Mike died of an aneurism. ... (5 replies)

... esteem. Women with very high self esteem also get upset when they find out their boyfriend went to a bachelor party and would have hooked up with another woman but for a friend getting sick. ... (26 replies)
... So my boyfriend and I have been dating 9 months. ... (1 replies)
... I've been with my boyfriend for just over 3 and half years we've been living together for about 3 years. ... (5 replies)
... months ago, my boyfriend of 1.5 years broke up with me. ... (37 replies)
... Your boyfriend knows his mother..give up totally on hoping for some sort of apology, you will never get it. ... (11 replies)
... growing up my parents was not emotionally there for me. they kicked me out at 16 because of a big phone bill i made. ... (3 replies)
... I wanted to follow up after all the good input I received here about the situation of my boyfriend being relocated for work. ... (2 replies)
... He converted because half of his family are Jehovahs witnesses and he used to study when he was little. He decided to go back because he said it makes him feel good. ... (10 replies)
... I think the previous posters have given you some great support, and I agree with their advice. Lenvegas really pointed out something interesting about the alcohol and drug use being such a draw to him. ... (6 replies)
... my son got sick and their credit ran out. She ordered him to leave the house or she would leave with their 3 kids. He came to us as he was too ill to manage on his own. Four weeks later she was in bed with another man, and is now moving out with him. This has all happened since August last year. ... (7 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year and are officially moving in together in May. Things are great, he is great to me and I really see a future with him. Other than this issue, things are overall very great. ... (11 replies)
Having a hard time
Mar 17, 2005
... Just about two months ago my boyfriend of over 4 years broke my heart. ... (17 replies)
... t Monday my girlfriend got sick and had the flu, then on Wednesday or Thursday she calls me up crying and I guess this friend of hers had something go wrong with his brain and had to be hospitalized. The guy had his sister call my girlfriend and said that she was the only one he said to call other than his family. ... (3 replies)
... However, I'm hestitate as of now because of a few issues. His job he has now pays him under the table a small amount. I've hestitated until now to say anything because it's his dream job. ... (5 replies)
... Anywho, I kicked him to the curb, wound up moving in with family, and he is no longer involved in the picture. Haven't had intimacy in a few months, really, and I'm about 5 months along. ... (5 replies)
... Like you, my boyfriend lied to me continually... ... (10 replies)
Me vs. His Hobbies
Jul 25, 2006
... From everything Murray ever posted, I don't get the impression she's a "party girl" at all! To the contrary, she sounds very responsible and focused on achieving her goals. If I recall correctly, she's working and in grad school at the same time--if that's not hard working and independent, I don't know what is. Like Brook said, it's all about balance, and it seems like her... (27 replies)

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