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... “In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.” I guess from what you wrote in your earlier posts there were red flags that came up for me. I can only read what you write. I don't know you or your boyfriend. I think that this relationship is not good - that is my opinion formed on the basis of which you've wrote. Obviously, it is up to you what you do. I just... (14 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 18, 2011
... You CAN NOT save him. Listen good...He has a mental illness. He needs professional help. I'm not a Dr. But he sounds very bipolar. ... (27 replies)
... sing him about living with his mommy until he's 40. It's obviously a hard and frustrating situation for him. Picking on him won't help. Suggest to him that he needs to get his brothers involved. You're right, it's not fair at all that he alone should be expected to sacrifice his entire life for her. ... (5 replies)

My fiance
Aug 27, 2003
... What an awful thing to do, to call you pathetic for falling in love with her! I told my boyfriend I loved him after 6 months, and if he had said I was pathetic for feeling that way, I certainly wouldn't be with him now! ... (29 replies)
... this to happen to you! Don't wait until you are married and can't do anything about it. Ask him to talk to someone whether it be a counselor or family member. He needs help and he also needs to understand that his behavior is not normal and life would be so much easier if he could get professional help, relax and cope socially. ... (17 replies)
... Justkeeppraying.. His mom isn't getting ANY help for her depression. None of the family has in the past. I don't think anyone thinks it's serious enough to go to the doctor. ... (9 replies)
... Is his mom getting help for her depression? ... (9 replies)
... nner" in a sense. If you have the patience and time, budget his money for him. I know you said you tried to show him how.. maybe he either just doesn't get it or needs more help? ... (8 replies)
... Her family has tried to help her. Many, many times. They are trying to help her now. Like you said, she doesn't want help. She doesn't want to quit doing her pills and drinking and whatever else she does. ... (25 replies)
... as he needs to help himself first. You have to Want help in order to get better. I think you already know the answer to your question, dear. ... (5 replies)
Angry boyfriend :(
May 21, 2011
... I am 23 and have only been seeing my boyfriend of 22 for 3 months. He is an angry man, often having outbursts over the pettiest of things. ... (3 replies)
... I agree that this Master's student could NOT possible diagnose your boyfriend with only seeing him three times. And I'll be that she didn't see him in a PROFESSIONAL setting either. BPD's get really good at acting, and seeming to have it all together when around friends and acquaintances. ... (18 replies)
... You can try to help her get on the straight and narrow, but I wouldn't get into a realtionship with her. If you do, your asking for trouble. Someone like this needs professional help and to tell you the truth, it might do her a world of good if she gets caught doing the wrong thing and put into jail. ... (6 replies)
... I agree with this. Being depressed is in fact not a big problem - it can happen to anyone at any time at all - but not wanting to overcome depression, not doing anything about it is a red flag to me. It is a sign that the person is either lazy or glad to be the way they are. They use their "depression" as a shield against life or as an excuse for their natural inactivity. (9 replies)
... Just imagine you're walking with your boyfriend or husband or even a friend or sibling and they walk ahead of you so that you can't look at them, can't talk to them as you walk, etc. Let's face it, it's rude. ... (67 replies)
... I am sorry for what you're going through. While I've never been married, I did once live with a boyfriend who would, at times, stay up looking at Internet porn rather than come to bed with me. ... (2 replies)
... That's exactly what I said! She needs therapy, the kind that you can not provide as her boyfriend. She needs professional help from an actual qualified doctor. If she refuses to do that, then there's literally nothing you can do about it. ... (48 replies)
... olved with friends, family, work, school, all he does is play this game, eat and sleep, that's not good. But just like with any other addiction, you can't really help the person unless they want to be helped. Perhaps an intervention of sorts? ... (12 replies)
... nality disorder. You didn't ask for it, but you still love them in spite of it, you want to help, but you've come to realize, that RIGHT NOW, involvement cannot help either of you or your men. ... (64 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend almost 1 year. Overall, I have noticed he is very selfish. I love him to death, but his priorities always seem like number one. ... (10 replies)

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