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... fferent perspectives. If it is true that biologically speaking, a man needs more sex than a woman, then your bf is simply acting according to his instinct. It is not cheating. Remember that almost every man frequently masturbates, even when he has a regular partner. ... (7 replies)
... I also think that moving out would be a very important step for you. Of course, I understand what you are saying that it is not as simple as making eye contact and moving. I don't have social anxiety so of course I do not understand. But I do suffer from what I think is a true phobia. ... (21 replies)
... I really, really think it would be a big mistake to move in together. You are not sure that you want to be with him in the long term, clearly, or you wouldn't be thinking this way. ... (6 replies)

... d was just a totally different person. I saw a psychologist for 2 months which helped a lot. I'm on a rebellious phase now, for 2 months, which involves a lot of social activities, drinking, distracting myself with friends, and just distracting myself in general. ... (14 replies)
Desperate for help
Jan 17, 2006
... Start getting out with friends again, restablish your social life. Do not go where you know he hangs out. Do not contact him again. ... (15 replies)
... amazing when one considers that you are doing this entirely on your own in a foreign nation where you knew next to no one and that you have succeeded in reaching not only your academic and career goals but also have achieved your romantic and social goals. ... (50 replies)
... and probably won't do it much or ever cos she hardly has any friends and little social life, but it's the principle that counts. She says I can do the same if I really want to but I don't particularly want to, I want to have sex with her. ... (17 replies)
... Its not you, its me', haha. ... (92 replies)
... but girls DON'T make it known... oh i know you think you do... but things like twirling your hair anti clockwise while pointing your toes in our direction while drinking your drink, and looking at our left ear, with the right eyebrow slightly arched does not tell a man if your interested or not :D for instance this latest interest of mine, she asks me out on one date, accepts... (39 replies)
... You're so sweet, Stacy, and wise, as always! I'm not really "desperate" nor do I want to succumb to conventional rules about relationships and marriage, but I do get bored and frustrated at times with being single. ... (576 replies)
My mums lost it!
Sep 6, 2005
... is mother. It's already his reality and I just would love to see him get to a place of understanding for their relationship's sake. Understanding or forgiving is not condoning or enabling. Take care. ... (8 replies)
... that case, I would definitely respect your new BF's wishes not to spend much time around your friends. ... (9 replies)
... It was pretty much not my thing and I felt uncomfortable. ... (17 replies)
... You want love. Everyone does. Everyone wants security and to have someone. That is a given and is a biological trait within each human being to be social creatures. Nothing wrong with that. ... (48 replies)
... I've been depressed for the past 2 yeears because i'm still not able to get the education i wish i could get. Education has always been a priority for me, but has always been put on the backburner because of money. ... (16 replies)
... Not everyone is irresponsible or at fault for contracting a sexually transmitted disease, and its uneducated people who continue to keep the negative social stigmas about STDs alive. ... (120 replies)
... ANY man can sniff around a woman. By ANY, I mean, married, single, divorced, boyfriend of someone else...etc. It's really not that special. ... (24 replies)
... There will be further problems and issues that will constantly come between this man your dating, your son, and your ex husband....This man is not worth the aggravation for you....Trust me...I have been in your shoes once and DID dump the guy.... ... (43 replies)
... he internet appear to be lonely and in a way I think the internet exacerbates that especially for those who are shy. People who sit at home and get all of their social interaction from IM's and chatrooms. One of my best girlfriends and I used to go out and do things until she "discovered" the internet and now that is her life. ... (29 replies)
... I had something called lymphenditis which people usually have with cancer or chemo I am not sure why I had it but I have felt horrible since. ... (5 replies)

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