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... Thanks for all the great advice! So far she has started her new job and hasn't complained that much but she is in training and is only working for about 3-4 hours. About her not driving what she told me is she never got a license because her mother would never teach her how to drive and she said she did have a cheap car she bought a few years ago but her mother sold it... (12 replies)
... ven respond, he'd look at the floor or just walk away. It was rude to the point of being unsettling. My brother has asperger's so, we were patient, we understand social difficulties, we're actually all a little shy too despite being constantly thrown into new situations. ... (22 replies)
... This is the only red flag to me. A lot of people need to grow their social skills. Like you, I could live with that and adjust some on my side. But this issue would concern me because I've been there. ... (21 replies)

... What concerns me is that he chooses not to join you, in events that are obviously important to you. ... (25 replies)
... he would not answer. ... (24 replies)
... minutes. I know you told him to answer it, but that's because she wouldn't stop calling! He could have said "I'm with my gf and I'm NOT talking to you right now" ... ... (24 replies)
... Well, it's great it works for you and your husband since you both are equally "independent," but in general, I think it would take a very rare marriage to not hear from your husband who's on a trip in over a week and feel content with it. ... (128 replies)
... sister in law... she's the mother of my two nieces I keep talking about.. she also has a ten year old son. All three children are spoiled rotten, and not in a good way. ... (64 replies)
... mbination of things, which it often is. Maybe some of it's me and some him. If he had been in more romantic relationships with other women, this friendship might not seem so weird to me.The way she reacted when he started dating me is what set it off. ... (23 replies)
... as a result of his lack of boundaries. She also has not even been civil with me...I force a hello for example. ... (15 replies)
... guy, and I tell him "i know it's you, if you want to date me, be yourself", he knows I hate it, but he keeps on writing me as new guys every week..! yet he does not want to be honest with me about who he is and become friends with the real him. and it's a lost cause. ... (2 replies)
... Relationship doesn't mean that both of you have to be always together thou, maybe he just want to have his social life back. Just do your own thing, love yourself more, enjoy your life. If he is for you, then he will be back. ... (4 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 19, 2011
... it will take months, maybe even years, for him to really get a handle on things and learn how to be a better person. If it really is going to happen at all, it's not going to happen overnight. ... (27 replies)
... only wanted to go to work and come home and hang out with me. No friends at all, and he didn't think I should have friends either. I had to break away. I am a social person and didn't want to sit home with him all the time. It didn't work out. ... (8 replies)
Another chance?
Jul 28, 2010
... A mutual friend of ours sent him a message over a social networking site asking if he was ok and said that he should just give me some time and that everything would work out in the end. ... (26 replies)
... I live in Europe and this is NOT an outdated fad that lasted 5 years. ... (12 replies)
... you always know where he's at.....he's not out drinking picking up women, he's planted in front of his computer......he's very reliable..... ... (74 replies)
... He's just a weird guy and I don't know what his problem is, but you have to admit, it's not normal for someone to get THIS bent out of shape about hanging out with an SO's friends. You're not asking him to go ALL the time, it's not like it's every day. ... (25 replies)
... re you dont' really need anyone else's validation to make you feel good. Now, I know, so much easier said and done, and yes, that only gets us so far. Humans are social animals and we need company, someone to talk and laugh with, we need emotional intimacy, love, acceptance, meaningful touch, sex, etc. ... (7 replies)
... well you're not gonna like this observation, but maybe he's just not the guy for you? ... (25 replies)

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