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... Sandra, hi i did what you did before. i kissed another guy, while i was with my long term boyfriend but i didnt think nothing of it and never said anything to him about it. he still does know. well i started to have feelings for this other guy. so we dated and and it felt great. ... (4 replies)
... y!! Many times we make threats like "I will leave you if you cheat" when we have absolutely no idea of how we'd actually respond in that situation. I'll bet your boyfriend only thinks that's how he'd react if you cheated. Fact is, how is he to know how he'd react? ... (53 replies)
So confused
May 18, 2005
... When i started seeing my boyfriend, it was when he was at home on a 2 week leave from the desert. in the two weeks he was here, we slept together, and i liked him alot. ... (6 replies)

Is this "love"?
Aug 21, 2003
... probably a year and abit longer considering the 1yr that he was assigned abroad. Another thing is, work always eat up our already limited time together. ... (8 replies)
... ship is going to cause us to be very unhappy. I have made mistakes in our relationship and have lied to him or minimized things regarding past relationships that he has asked me about, but I feel that the way he reacts is disproportionate to the mistake I've committed. ... (59 replies)
... I met a really lovely guy a while back through a dating site, we clicked in every way and I've never experienced that before. The feeling was completely mutual. I was really playing it cool and he was almost the 'woman' while we were dating. ... (3 replies)
... A few weeks ago I went slept with this guy and went home told my boyfriend it's over. I knew I crossed the line and thought that would be it. I suppose I just wanted out of our relationship it's been a long time coming. ... (5 replies)
... you dont go anywhere and feel like you can't get better than him or that no one will like you and you may end up believing it one day if ya dont get rid of him. He is a bully and he is feeling insecure within himself so he takes it out on you. ... (14 replies)
... Let me first start by saying I am not a cheater. Never have, never will. I've been cheated on and I know how it felt so I would never do it to another person. ... (8 replies)
... If he isn't willing to talk about things then how are you ever suppose to get past anything? ... (49 replies)
... My ex boyfriend of 6 years cheated with me numerous times with different women. One of which was a 16 year old neighbor I was mentoring and tutoring at times. ... (4 replies)
... I dont get the flowers each month anymore. But he still carries things, opens doors and stuff like that for me. He tells me he loves me numerous times a day stll, as do I, we are engaged and he was really the one to think "marriage" before I did. ... (20 replies)
... t be together and we went on to live our lives separately, I would still deep down in my heart of hearts, know that he was the one. ... (103 replies)
... He is currently out of town for a friend's funeral, so last night we were texting. One of the last things I said to him was that I would be taking a shower in the morning. ... (11 replies)
I really am fed up
Nov 12, 2010
... eling this way and gets me annoyed as well that that evil ex of mine took apart of my life away. just glad my current boyfriends so loving. when we talk about it he just holds me in his arms and reassures me over and over again. how did you cope if you don't mind me asking ? ... (6 replies)
I really am fed up
Nov 12, 2010
... rn how to "love" again. I was damaged sexually in a different way...In my past relationship..of 22 years...i was madly in love with the guy in the begining...he cheated on me many times...and then when he was fooling around with me...I was always ok...until he cheated on me with my sister. I felt the ultimate betrayal.. ... (6 replies)
... I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months now. The first 5 months of our union was amazing. ... (19 replies)
... Thank you for that post. Your boyfriend sounds like he has the same issues...the need to sniff out the drama queens to feel something inside or to make their egos feel satisfied. ... (53 replies)
... I don't know if any of you read the last thread about my boyfriend and ex. . . how my ex and I still talk and he used to try to get me to have sex with him, but we would just end up kissing... anyway, that's over. ... (10 replies)
... Well about 6 months ago my boyfriend of 7 years cheated on me. I have wrote other post on here about it. We are broken up and live separate from each other but we still talk everyday. ... (6 replies)

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