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Another chance?
Jul 25, 2010
... We live separately. He lives alone and I live with my mom while finishing my degree. ... (26 replies)
... The above is what I wrote a few weeks ago. ... (83 replies)
... Because he'd spent five years with you and is probably wanting to salvage the good times you had as much as you are. His heart is telling him to go in one direction, and his brain is telling him something else. ... (7 replies)

... Okay, I am so confused. I really want to make things work with my boyfriend. I have tried talking to him until I am blue in the face. He just sits there telling me he doesn't know what's wrong. I asked him what would make him happy. He says he doesn't know. I asked him what the problem was. ... (25 replies)
Splitting up
Jun 8, 2007
... I feel secure with the life I know not happy but when you are in a situation you know it is less scarey than going into another alone.. ... (11 replies)
... Me and my twenty two year old boyfriend have been dating since I was sixteen. ... (15 replies)
... ive bin seeing this bloke for 5 months now the comunication aint good. wen i first started seeing him he said he didnt wana rush in2 things and that wanted to take things slow. ... (4 replies)
... I guess everyone looks at this differently, because I tend to think as your boyfriend does. I consider it "spending time together" when my boyfriend and I are merely in the same room but doing different things. I also like to spend a lot of time on the computer. ... (6 replies)
... Can you really trust anything he says about the baby and the mother? ... (20 replies)
... The reason he doesn't want Liz to see you 2 touching is because they still sleep together. And when she asks him whether you 2 are serious, he says no. ... (15 replies)
He's dating online
Jan 22, 2006
... i am a bit confused... is it considered cheating if your boyfriend is chatting with some other girls online? ... (6 replies)
... and 180 lbs is not very healthy. I can see why you want her to loose weight. ... (8 replies)
... We got back together once a little while ago as I think he realised he was about to lose me for good. We saw each other again for 3 weeks but things weren't feeling right and my heart wasn't in it so I broke up with him. ... (3 replies)
Shake out of it
Dec 12, 2005
... I have been with my boyfriend for six months and i am truely in love with him. Real love. ... (13 replies)
... I think maybe some guys are just slower movers than others. Maybe he's just naturally reserved. I think the best way to tell if a guy's into you is if he does what he says he'll do, when he says he'll do it. If he does in fact call you during the week, then he's interested, at least to some degree. ... (576 replies)
... I am very frustrated, therefore this letter is long! ... (4 replies)
... I think this is fantastic're already starting to see just how true it is that people only treat us as well as we demand to be treated. ... (263 replies)
... Well James decided he would join the Air Force as they offer housing, healthcare, education and all kinds of other benefits and he could finish the 6wk boot camp and have me come live on base before the baby got here. ... (2 replies)
... come clean about something that he says affects his thinking about me, women in general... He is addicted to porn.He says he started to think the way women are in those films is the way alot of women really are, including me. I don't know if it's a clever excuse or to believe him. ... (9 replies)
... Well i'm 21 and have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 and a half years. before x mass things weren't great and one night he came up to my house to finish with me. i was heart broken. ... (15 replies)

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