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... thinking what he says is "right". ... (11 replies)
... anted to meet him and that he was so sorry for everything and that he was just so upset that day cause I left him and basically told him he was a POS anyways, so we met up and things went from there. ... (12 replies)
Nov 4, 2006
... My boyfriend is the most loving, caring man.. he does look in my eyes when I try to talk about it.. and he has got a very good job which he has had for the past year.. ... (6 replies)

Mixed Signals
May 12, 2005
... OK There is this girl I like, and we have been friends since this school year. We talk online and in person, but talking online seems to bring up more personal fellings. ... (11 replies)
Oct 2, 2004
... We have been living together for about 2 years and we have a dog together. ... (7 replies)
... She keeps asking for me to come back, i just said i want my space and we will see. She explained everything about the stories and why she still dresses revealing. ... (13 replies)
May 5, 2008
... I dont want to sound harsh or anyhting, and I may be totally wrong....But he may be seeing another woman. He's trying to have his cake and eat it too! ... (9 replies)
... Now enters temptation. I go to college as a Information Technology student and before I met my girlfriend I met this girl online from my school and we have were talking though never actually met. ... (7 replies)
... s a shame that we live so far apart. I'm starting to get concerned though. ... (3 replies)
Break up
Aug 12, 2004
... ok you've probably heard me talking in other post about my boyfriend and I....well he broke up with me 2 days ago. I'm still heart broken about it. He wants nothing to do with me. ... (7 replies)
... up scale and it would be extremely hard to remain entirely cold and logical in that situation. You're right. Well, since he said he would let you talk to his doctor next week, hold him up to that promise. Tell him you would like to talk to his doctor about it. ... (9 replies)
... OK, that was a "low" remark you boyfriend made and I can see that you are hurt by the fact that everyone knows your parents are the town drunks so he used it against you. ... (10 replies)
... been great. Thank you for the support. I wake up each morning feeling like I am going to throw up. The bf is at the stage right now where he is really mad....he says he still loves me but I ruined him...he called me crying last night. He wants to know each and every detail of what happened. ... (26 replies)
Is my Bf gay?
Oct 4, 2006
... Hi, Im having this problem where a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were having sex and he stopped in the middle and didnt want to any more and didnt know why he left not long after.. ... (14 replies)
... Hi Alex, This is a very interesting and revealing post. It shocked me how much you sound like me in many ways. I am not girly at all either, very aggressive and quick to dislike people. I never wanted to be that girl who needed everyone to like her and always had to be nice to everyone. I just don't like and respect that many people, and I've never been willing to waste... (29 replies)
... I'm sure that he can love me again. He said that he loved me twice.. not just once.. first when we met.. then things went bad and he said he didn't love me anymore.. then he begged for me back.. and he loved me again.. and things went bad again. ... (29 replies)
... My friend, who actually doesn't know, says that he will ask his friends of their availability. ... (1 replies)
... spent little time on the phone because he has exams. he said he has no time for me and his exams come first. fair enough. he cant talk for long on the phone and says he cant meet up with me untill next week. i met up with him today but only for an hour. it breaks my heart. this has been going on for the past few weeks. ... (7 replies)
... nd be with him several years and be going through what I'm going through. You can make a clean break, West. I'm certainly not telling you what to do, but maybe we were supposed to start talking to each other so that you could see your potential future. I'm not saying that I'm being tortured over here.... ... (7 replies)
... Wow, that thread says it all, as do all of my other old ones, even ones back in Sept under Lals49. I was doing so well... ... (92 replies)

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