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... Well about 6 months ago my boyfriend of 7 years cheated on me. I have wrote other post on here about it. We are broken up and live separate from each other but we still talk everyday. He keeps telling me how sorry he is and he made a huge mistake and he wants to get back together. ... (6 replies)
... hi there, i have know the now ex you could say for 12 years now. We have hung out on and off for most of them since we were young and dumb we never dated each other. Last year he contacted me to hang out again. I just got out of a relationship and so didhe. ... (7 replies)
... o relationships with people who were selfish, disrespectful, insincere, hypocritical, judgmental, dishonest. I consider myself very fortunate never to have had a boyfriend deceive me or hurt me or to part with any as anything other than friends with a great deal of mutual respect and affection. ... (30 replies)

... My boyfriend and i have been dating for over a year now. and everything had been going good, we didn't argue a lot and if we did we were quick to try to fix whatever the problem was. ... (0 replies)
... Ok my boyfriend is almost 30.. and when he is mad at me he turns off his phone and ignores me for hours if not days.. and when we live together.. ... (7 replies)
Boyfriend's dad
Jul 18, 2008
... wow I didn't realize you were with him for 4 years......that's almost like......forever! By all means then tell the man's not just your's practically your responsibility!!!! :jester: (10 replies)
Boyfriend's dad
Jul 18, 2008
... I never said I was going to tell him off. I said that he makes me want to do that. Also I dont want to sound bitchy but it is my place to tell his dad off if everything he says is to personally attack me. ... (10 replies)
Am I Crazy??
Feb 28, 2005
... This is my first time posting on this board. I just dont know who to ask for advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years, we love each other a lot and we often talk about spending our lives together. I used to be confient in my looks and very secure about myself. ... (20 replies)
Is it just me?
Dec 22, 2004
... my bf and i have been together for 2.5 years and we were good friends a year before that. the first year of our relationship was perfect. i had no complaints and i was completely happy. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been together for a year,Iam nineteen and he is twenty.This is the longst relationship either of us have been in. ... (7 replies)
... I dont know why I do this or if its normal but I hate the feeling and am wondering what I can do to stop it.It has to do with my boyfriend.I always worry about him. ... (3 replies)
... So my boyfriends ex moved out on him almost 3 years ago. They were together for 5 and have a five year old child. We worked together and became close. Not relationship close, we just hung out. ... (1 replies)
... e whole thing with her is that shes not really someone I would call a friend. I don't hang out with her or spend any kind of time with her or anything like that. We do talk to each other often and we definately know each other pretty well. ... (5 replies)
... The other day she decided that we need a 2 week break or so. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone, this is my first my first message and I am a little nervous. I have recently broken up with my boyfriend of 7 months and he wont accept it. I had recently found out that he was cheating on me with a woman named angela and that he was lying to me as well. ... (20 replies)
Need opinions
Jan 29, 2013
... so me and my boyfriend are in a long distance relationship. ... (4 replies)
... and we were back together like old times. ... (207 replies)
... He says that's different because it's "just a dog". You don't know how much I hate that phrase.....when ANYBODY says it. The first time he tried to give me an ultimatum about my dog, I laughed at him because I thought he's got to be kidding! ... (64 replies)
... ghbor,she lives in the same block like maybe 5 houses away. Ironically she also works on the same block that I do so between living so close and working so close we see each other several times a week. Needless to say I have a major crush on her. ... (4 replies)
... THANK YOU. It is so wierd..the other morning... my boyfriend was getting ready to leave and I caught myself getting ready to say it. ... (16 replies)

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