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... If you find yourself doing something you don't want to do a good course of action is to stop doing it! ... (104 replies)
... I guess I have a tremendous fear of BOTH! I always thought we had a lot in common. ... (32 replies)
... It makes NO sense at all to worry about problems OTHER friends and family have had with partners who joined the military. Why are you ASSUMING that what happened to them will happen to YOU? ... (6 replies)

... but he was our dad to me in my eyes. I knew my real father but stepdad raised us. ... (12 replies)
... First off, let me say I have known my boyfriend since first grade. We are about to graduate high school and have been together for a year and a few months. ... (14 replies)
... but have never started a thread of my own, so I thought maybe if I did, I could deal with my own issues all in one shot, and keep it out of other threads except to pass on my experience. Anyway, here we go... ... (235 replies)
... Please, please listen to Hiya... ... (29 replies)
... very important that you leave his side of it with him. You already feel bad yourself. He may have already been thinking that way before your academic failure. He seems way too quick to throw you away. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, your relationship sounds very similar to mine, very different circumstances, but the way my partner reacts to things that upset or stress him out, is very much the same. ... (15 replies)
... I just have to answer this because reading your other posts you clearly have things going on for yourself. ... (14 replies)
... Before I start I just wanted to appologize for the long post but it's necassary for you to get the whole picture! ... (22 replies)
... Yes, I went to the soggy flooded Royal Show to report on the heavy horses and sneaked a peek on one of the computers in the press room while it was pouring with rain. ... (96 replies)
... Galina says is all true, but there are definitely some obstacles and difficulties involved in being perceived as a very attractive woman. Since I was old enough to date, I have a look that has generally proved quite attractive to the vast majority of men I've met... ... (154 replies)
... ends, but i can see if your friend is dating a jack off like it seems, you know what im saying. because as a friend you feel defensless, but if you interfer just to do it thats a problem, like i said she interfered before the relationship, and even mine thats 2! she is guna keep doing it! ... (10 replies)
... My boyfriend and I cannot stop fighting when it comes to sex. We have awesome sex once we're actually into it. But usually it dies along the way somewhere in the buildup. ... (2 replies)
... ienced and observed. I actually have quite a bit of experience with arguing because I like it much more than I should in that it adds a lot of passion and spice to a relationship... ... (5 replies)
... No lying, to stick up for you to his family.. But some of the other things you want are codependent needs. ... (52 replies)
... re or overstepping my bounds, but it occurs to me having followed your posts for quite some time now that part of your trouble moving past your ex may be related to how you seem to view what happened in two very different ways. ... (174 replies)
... I just wanted to say that I completely understand how you feel. I don't know if this will help shed any light on things for you, but I'd like to share a similar experience that I've been through in the hopes that it might help a bit. ... (5 replies)
... I can understand how having a pregnancy scare can really turn a person off of sex. I've had plenty of pregnancy scares and they have always made me skittish for awhile about having sex. Even if you are on birth control your boyfriend could still be paranoid. ... (4 replies)

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