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... When relationships end we sometimes feel very alone anyway due to your ex partner usually being the most constant person in our lives, seeing them, talking to them and thinking about them constantly. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with Pooh Bear that it's really hard for anyone to say what's going on in your ex's mind with any certainty. My take though is that he wants the best of both worlds... ... (13 replies)
... I do feel I can trust me step brother, but at the same time, he's not the most friendly person to me, and I sometimes think he might be jealous of me... I've got a new car, I've got credit cards, a good stable job, I have my GED. ... (11 replies)

... He said it was to keep the relationship up with the child because the real father wanted nothing to do with him... but it turns out he was talking to her and confiding in her about our relationship problems. ... (10 replies)
My relationship
Apr 8, 2005
... Hi all, Im sort of new to the boards and this seems like an interesting topic and I wanted to share my situation. It might be kind of Ill try to summarize good. ... (19 replies)
... Julia, I really wish you all the best and emphathize with how you feel. Going through a recent breakup, I know how easy it is to keep hoping that things will eventually work out. It makes the breakup a lot easier to accept if you don't have to accept that it's final and permanent. ... (8 replies)
Can't let Go
Jun 12, 2004
... years ago. At first he was madly in love with me, but my heart still belonged to my ex. Although I never cheated on him, I just couldn't give him my full heart and soul. ... (27 replies)
... Hello, everyone. I'm new to this site and wanted to share my story, with hopes of some insight. Please pardon its long length. ... (12 replies)
... s going to change her mind so the possibility is out of the question. ... (2 replies)
... responders, that being a friend to an ex is okay, and no one should have to give up a true friendship with an ex for a new partner, but these comparisons and him talking about his love for her, his confiding about you guys, and her not liking you, is STUPID and not worth it. ... (51 replies)
... I'm sorry that you are still sitting on this, it must be so very hard. Try to get her to see you this weekend and try to do it. It is so much better for you to do this once and for all. Did you spend the holiday at home alone? ... (130 replies)
... There is nothing wrong with you first of all. It's healthy to want alone time for yourself. I personally avoid "needy" people who want all my time. I need my alone time! ... (17 replies)
Vent vent vent
Aug 7, 2007
... I feel like a broken record, but guys, i need to vent and i need your support. ... (38 replies)
... I was still just so surprised to see her again. ... (109 replies)
... I'm 19 years old...never been one much for dating. I like to get attached and know that most guys are not looking for something that will last very long, so I just never tried. ... (6 replies)
... i caught my boyfriend of 2 years talking to an ex girlfriend of his on instant messager. i'd describe myself as a jealous person at times... but this really bothered me a lot. she's beautiful.... ... (15 replies)
... er, and his parents were racist, I would have no interest in being his friend. I am civil to my ex's in passing so that I don't look psycho, but I have no desire to be friends with any of them as they proved themselves to be crappy human beings while we dated. ... (14 replies)
... I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I just wanted to get some feedback, although it probably won't change my mind. maybe I'm looking for some validation or just to vent, I don't know, but anyway... ... (30 replies)
... lationship, that alone is frusterating. And my girlfriends old flatmate is kind of jealous that i live with her now because she got kicked out, and i was allowed to stay. ... (4 replies)
... I say good luck to you ! Life is too short to be unhappy. I am going through a similiar situation, so I can relate to what you are talking about. ... (18 replies)

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