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I want my ex back
Jun 12, 2006
... ryone and thanks again. You all have helped me in different ways because I can have trouble viewing these things objectively without advice, but it's hard for me to confide in any one person about these matters because I don't want to be judged. ... (46 replies)
... Your boyfriend is selfish. He knows what he got into by moving into a home with you and he knows what you deal with physically and emotionally. ... (4 replies)
... enough relationship with my boyfriend. We get to see each other once a week, which is a lot more than you see your man, but his ex lives right down the street from him. ... (22 replies)

... i got so mad at her and so mad at my boyfriend for believing her! ... (18 replies)
... I apologize that this post is so long but I needed to write this all out because it helps me think and plus I needed to hear what others thought about my situation. Well, a year ago I met this guy when I was on vacation and we messed around one day. ... (19 replies)
... Comes from my own hellish experience. My boyfriend had an "ex" who would not give up and tried to stay good friends with him. The problem was she could not handle him talking to her about us. ... (11 replies)
... c they stayed down here for a few months, and they really like me. i know his mom def does, and if i had her number i would feel comfortable talking to her about this. she never liked his ex, and i know she'd understand. ... (28 replies)
... ever. Personally, I would like to punch her square in the teeth for putting such a stress ball on us for no reason. My boyfriend and I have talked about kids and marriage, and actualyl we started talking about it a few months into our inital relationship. ... (54 replies)
... but I wanted to get back together. He has known this since we started talking again. We both got hurt in the breakup. We seemed to be progressing well and then he tells me he wants to be alone because he doesn't know what he wants. ... (2 replies)
... No, no, I wasn't saying that I wouldn't talk or go out with anyone else just because I'm talking to that guy. He is the only one who even remotely interests me right now, though. ... (36 replies)
... Eventually I got used to my own company, being single and living an uncomplicated life, with work and hobbies keeping me busy the majority of the time. ... (23 replies)
... i recently posted about how my boyfriend of 5 years has not been the greatest guy. and i decided to stay anyways. i dont understand why i just cant walk away. ... (5 replies)
... Well, I found out this weekend that my boyfriend was cheating on me. He slept with his ex last weekend when we were broke up for a few days. Then come to find out he had been talking to her the whole year we were together. ... (12 replies)
Call from an Ex
Apr 15, 2005
... Why would you be scared of talking to him and asking him what his intentions are with his sudden appearance in your life, these phone calls, and dinners? ... (217 replies)
... I'm afraid Nini could be right. This guy is not giving you his all. After 11 years he still has her dress and wants you to try it on? ... (35 replies)
... Something else that bothers me too is his ex gf's grandfather randomly came over last Sunday. He was nice but it was awkward and I tried talking to him about it after he left. He won't budge on that either. ... (7 replies)
... Is it normal to have feelings for an ex? ... (13 replies)
... I am a young gay man living in a city that doesn't have very many prospects. I moved here almost 3 years ago to finish my degree. I met the most amazing man of life, we were together for just over a year. We never left each others side, we were so happy. ... (5 replies)
... arning that he was still confiding in her on personal things that were going on his is life, etc. As our relationship progressed and we got engaged, I explained to him that this was inappropriate at this point in our relationship. She need not call him all the time just to talk. ... (13 replies)
... Ok, I'm going to jump in here. I totally understand what you are saying here completeopposite. ... (51 replies)

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