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Is it me or him?
May 11, 2013
... I agree with Marie and I would like to stress her warning about how you go about breaking up with him. Be firm but try not to hurt him or offend him back. You may need the support of someone stronger in case he becomes violent. (6 replies)
Is it me or him?
May 11, 2013
... I am going to be straight with you. Your boyfriend is controlling and abusive. I had a boyfriend like this years ago. Exactly as you have described. I had become paranoid anytime guy friends would approach me in college because of him. ... (6 replies)
... thinking really hard and wonder if this is the girl I really want to be with for a long time. If this is the girl I want to marry. I have found that she is just too boring and uptight for me to feel completely comfortable in the relationship. ... (4 replies)

... About 4 months ago, my boyfriend of 6 years began to start obsessing over the world economy collapsing. ... (15 replies)
... I think this post is more about you then him staying up and going out. I'm not saying that there aren't times when men go out too much and cheat and do innapropriate things, because we all know there are. ... (19 replies)
... Hi, me and my boyfriend have been together for a little over 2 years now, and are moving into our first apt. in June. ... (6 replies)
... I also agree with mel in the sense that you have to take the good and the bad with some friends and you can't control them. Your friend does seem to be making bad decisions, but those are also her decisions that she must live with. ... (21 replies)
... she was trying to make you jealous on purpose to get a sense of control back, because she is tired of feeling jealous and insecure. ... (6 replies)
... Hey I really just wanted to get need to get over something that happened lately with my boyfriend as I am worried that I may let the issue spiral out of control as I do have a tendency to over think at times and can easily put a negative spin on a situation. ... (2 replies)
... this situation VERY well. I used to be insecure like you and I had boyfriends that looked at the floor and other boyfriends that just looked anyway and couldn't control it at all. Either way, I got mad. I eventually got over these issues, but I could never get over them while in a relationship. ... (6 replies)
... You are too kind looking for the pot of gold under the rainbow. However, his drinking and anger issues overshadows everything else. If you get married, it gets worse. ... (13 replies)
... nk that is just part of their natural instinct to spread their genes. I do not think you are wrong to make that assumption. But I think all men should be able to control their instinct. ... (13 replies)
... I wanted good treatment from my ex also.. and NEVER got it.. my boyfriend now gives me all of these things x 100. No cheating, no emotional abuse, theres tons of affection, quality time.. ... (52 replies)
... I cannot name a boyfriend that will be okay knowing their girlfriend is sleeping with the opposite sex. What is the point? ... (9 replies)
... reaction. I'd be more upset that my boyfriend didn't tell me what his plans were and that he turned his phone off than I would be about where he was. ... (40 replies)
... her find true love while I am still single was just devastating. Being a single gal I kinda enjoyed having another single friend to hang out with. But when her boyfriend came along naturally of course she wanted to spend ALL of her time with him. ... (157 replies)
... rson because I don't have a lot of tolerance for that kind of thing, I have high expectations and a short fuse when it comes to that, especiallyb ecause of my ex boyfriend always saying black just because I said white. And she said "well, since you know that, then just accept it like it is and be happy. ... (17 replies)
... they're generally way too buff and muscular. It doesn't do anything for me. But if the kinds of guys I did find attractive worked in strip clubs...well. ... (104 replies)
... First of all, you shouldn't define yourself by what kind of problems you may be suffering from. You just undermine yourself and your control over yourself that way. ... (3 replies)
... My boyfriend and I cannot stop fighting when it comes to sex. We have awesome sex once we're actually into it. But usually it dies along the way somewhere in the buildup. ... (2 replies)

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