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... eat like a horse! Coming from the horses mouth I find that kind of funny. I have always been on the skinny side..105 pounds. I have always been told that I am TOO skinny. I switched careers lately and I am closer to a vending machine. ... (6 replies)
... I am responding to a quote that "40% of people who get married, felt they had to get married, which only led to divorce." I think about that quite often, I was engaged two times and I look at what I have now. Sure I see a pretty girl and go Ooooo. But at last , when I get home, I find heaven waiting. case (13 replies)
... anger. because i have such great love and loyalty for not only him but his whole family and try so hard to be the one to always have the weight of trying to take control of the situation on my own. he does this nasty games where he puts the entire blame on me..saying if i knew how to speak right...these things could be avoided. ... (13 replies)

... omg that is insane how we have such an odd thing in common. i do obsess about relationships generally, that is what i feel is my form of OCD but when it goes down to it, its mostly my relationships with men as well. i thing i have have formed this OCD after my ex because i never used to obsess about relationships. did anything happen to you in a previous relationship???? my ex... (32 replies)
... closure. You're trying to gain control over a situation that you have no control over whatsoever. The sooner you accept that, the better. ... (32 replies)
... To Jana83, thank you very much for ur words. It gave me kinda power from the heart. I'm an emotional person, and I appreciate ur intelligent and everything. I didn't espect the marriage can be this hard. That's what I thought to comfort myself,too, like we knew each other not for long, 25 years gap,etc. Sometimes I even think about our zodiac signs, we both Leo, how can we... (31 replies)
... This happened about 5 years ago when I seperated from my close childhood friend and boyfriend of 4 years. ... (22 replies)
... s to love you he is BAD NEWS!!! No good is going to come of giving into him. The only result is more lack of trust on his part and him trying to have even more control over you. I know you don't want that. ... (98 replies)
... ing about her. It's not like she's put on 10 vanity pounds. If she keeps on drinking that much soda and eating that much chocolate, she will have diabetes before too long. ... (13 replies)
... I don't know of too many women who allow and ex girfriend to write notes to their husband. In a marriage you don't get mail from exes. ... (78 replies)
Question for men
Sep 16, 2007
... It seems that if a woman is given control of her girlfriends relationships, then those relationships usually seem to end. ... (35 replies)
... When it comes to your boyfriend there will always be something to piss him off. He has you right where he wants you. You're home with 2 young kids and far away from anyone. ... (5 replies)
... bad tho because he would jump at the wrong thing and then find out we did something and do nothing. He abused my mother for years and she is still with him. She too saw abuse Mental from her mother and father towards eachother. My grandma too was jeoulous of my grandfather and mothers relationship. ... (12 replies)
... d somebody very very much, I gave my virginity to him in fact, he was my first boyfriend. I was fifteen and he was nineteen when we first got together. We were too young and clueless to make a decent fist of the relationship, but it didnt stop us having fond feelings for eachother that never went away. ... (14 replies)
... t easy as black and white. I do not exactly dwell on my flaws and let it control me, instead, I let it be part of who I am. Not too long ago, about two years ago, I have learned to accept that condition I have as part of who I am even though it may be a flaw, instead of struggling with it. ... (38 replies)
... unate being born smart and with the kind of looks men find difficult to resist when it comes to getting what I want, since after all men still rule the world and control most of its power. ... (138 replies)
... romantic sense. I already knew she was single, and had been for a few months. But I decided to ignore these feelings for a while at least, it would have been far too early and unrealistic to go there, especially since we hadn't even seen any photos of each other. ... (23 replies)
... when they break up with us. I.e., letting us down easy with those silly words because they probably still do care about us or love us in some regard. But they're too selfish to know how to fit us in to their life at this point in time. I don't quite get it, but I'm a very giving, altruistic person. ... (13 replies)
... here who will do anything in their power to help the women they love get through traumatic ordeals and stand by them whenever possible. Actually, it makes me sad too because up until six months ago, I was certain that I had found a remarkably courageous, committed man quite like you who I would spend my life loving. ... (18 replies)
... ially jeopardizing the chances of reconciling some time in the future. You need to accept that no matter how much you love her and want to be with her, you can't control her wishes or make her want to stay if she is firmly committed to leaving. ... (10 replies)

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