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... Thanks so much for your advice! I am glad to know that you think the behaviour is not quite normal. I was even looking into Borderline Pers. Disorder as it is quite amazing how he turns from being so adorable to seething with such hate. I had to go back home-we just don't have enough to keep haemorraging money at the hotel, though I know there are more important things, like... (16 replies)
... StenoLady1, I'm not saying I would get a termination or get sterilized in secret...some of those were just sort of "what if" or sort of sarcastic scenarios. I would like to have my boyfriend's blessing with either sterilization or abortion, but if I were to do either, I would definitely tell him about it. Though if it were a termination, there'd be no asking if he was okay... (37 replies)
... parents want them, not when one wants them and the other does not. And I have a feeling maybe your mum wasn't too keen on being the one to raise children she did not entirely want. I'm preaching to the choir, I know. Sorry about that. ... (37 replies)

... something like that. But with all due respect, I can't believe you are considering marrying this guy and you haven't asked him that flat out yourself yet. My ex boyfriend and I never got to the stage you're in, almost engaged, or actually engaged, and we still talked about this stuff. ... (37 replies)
... From those of us listening to this can see a clear picture of an abusive man. Something isn't right with him...does he drink too much or do drugs or does he have a mental health issue? ... (30 replies)
... so she has not been very excited or bought too much for him. ... (21 replies)
... to choose between her friends and you, cause if she has any sense she will choose her friends. I ask you one question, if you have a sister, would you want her boyfriend to treat her this way? ... (38 replies)
... I don't believe she's a control freak. I believe she's a drama queen. She pushes people around who allow her to do so, but she can only respect someone who gives her what she is dishing out. ... (22 replies)
... I'm sure you have her wheels spinning outta control right about now. She must have some kinda feeling too...otherwise I don't think she would want to play tennis with you again. ... (109 replies)
... I'm going to challenge myself to go out on Monday and job hunt. I would do it this week but it's just too much all at once and I don't think I'd be so focused if I tried to do it today. ... (30 replies)
Control issues
Jan 3, 2007
... son. But she says that I, too, need to stop analyzing things so much. I also find that I hook up with guys very quickly, but usually they're the ones that aren't boyfriend material anyway so it doesn't exactly matter...however, I soon forget that afterward and then get upset when they aren't falling all over me. ... (6 replies)
... for his meals, he's probably just consuming way too much of the wrong stuff...also does he drink sodas a lot...these are probably responsible for most people's obesity. Since you have no control over his eating.. ... (21 replies)
Boyfriend Drama
Jun 1, 2006
... confidence, more faith in your SO, and more patience to date someone in the military. Not everyone is cut out for it. For me, it wasn't too big a deal and I got used to it pretty quickly. ... (4 replies)
... ne. While we are secure and proud inside, and we know, Hiya, that we are only asking for our natural right to feel special, some men make it feel like we want to control them, and dictate on them what to do. I mean we have a choice of either being possessive or else being mistreated in the name of openness and freedom. ... (14 replies)
... Of course this woman does not get the hint. Someone who has a boyfriend and kids and attempts to pursue an engaged man is not going to just meekly back off, bowing her head demurely and apologizing. ... (24 replies)
Am I too needy?
Jan 23, 2006
... I would think, at first blush after reading all of this, that you first need to really resolve yourself to the fact that a boyfriend telling you he loves you, unexpectantly, three times a day is not necessarily going to make you a better person. ... (23 replies)
... es all my life. Most people wonder why I still associate with her, but she's my mom, I love her. She tries. I haven't had any raging problems that are out of control in two years. BUT I do take xanax when needed. ... (64 replies)
... not being able to control your emotions. ... (18 replies)
... I personally would never want to be with someone in the army, so my advice would be to end the relationship now. Scruffy is right that you can only control your actions, not his, but if you are strongly against this, maybe you should reevaluate whether he's the right guy for you in the long run (and not just because most people think that about their current partner, until... (6 replies)
... You are asking what you can do about this situation... Well, you can't really do anything at all. Sometimes in life situations arise and we are NOT in control. This is stressful, of course -- but the only way to handle it is to listen to the old adage your grandma always told you: "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Sounds like a lot of garbage, I know. But... (6 replies)

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