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... don't read more into can't say he wants you to lose weight by the way he touches you, holds you or looks at you. He never said those words.....maybe he likes your curves! Not all guys like beanpoles! ... (22 replies)
... t my two cents, but I don't think you should start making excuses for him. If he makes these kinds of comments on a regular basis, it can slowly but surely start to chip away at your self esteem, maybe even without you realizing it, and before you even know it, you're a neurotic mess constantly stressing about your weight. ... (22 replies)
... Well first about the man being slimmer than the woman. My husband is very tall and very thin. I am tall for a woman and I have put on weight since we've met. I am nowhere near him in body type and he has told me more than once he loves how I am. ... (22 replies)

... now all i can think about is to lose weight I dont want to lose him over something that stupid. if he expects me to lose weight is he the guy for me? ... (22 replies)
... Ugh, how frustrating. When you go shopping with your boyfriend for his clothes, I would hint to him that you like bigger guys and ask him if he'll be getting bigger sizes.. ... (22 replies)
... well guys for the first time in my life I dont know what to say and that is weird, but in a good way, your insites has realy opened a real perspective for me. ... (22 replies)
... Just because a guy looks at another woman doesn't mean he indirectly telling his girlfriend to "lose weight". That's a very insecure way of thinking IMO. Do you look at other guys? ... (22 replies)
... How do you know for sure he wants you to lose weight? ... (22 replies)
... Maybe it isn't that he wants you to lose weight but that he just wants you to be conscious of your weight so you don't get any bigger.I know my bf used to say similiar things but I knew thats why he was saying it because I only wore about a size 6 at the time. ... (22 replies)
... Things like that often get worse over time. What if you lose the weight and he decides you need something else altered? ... (22 replies)
... Anyway, I wouldn't hasten to label him as not the right guy for you just because he might want you to lose weight. Perhaps you have been gaining this extra weight since you started dating him? ... (22 replies)
... I'm not really fat or obese I just have a few curves, and that is what he doesnt like. the thing is I know he isnt the right guy if he expects that but I love him so much (22 replies)
... be telling her indirectly that she should lose the weight. ... (22 replies)
... have said to her looking at another woman, "now that is a good looking body". ... (22 replies)
... Hmmm...I thought men liked women who looked like women, not 12 year old boys! Which I used to look like until recently. ... (22 replies)
... I'm not experienced in relationships but I don't think it's right for a man to say or even suggest that his girlfriend lose weight. ... (22 replies)
... and my wonderful husband made the comment that, "now you can start weight training and tone up your body so you can really look good!".... idiot.... he wasn't being mean, just insensitive and dumb.... ... (22 replies)
... Well, I can't speak for every man, but it seems most of them want to be somewhat stronger, taller and heavier than their female partners. ... (22 replies)
... He is dating you. That means that he likes you and that he is attracted to you. A medium is NOT a big size. You have to be yourself, not try to be something else that you think that he wants. Be confident in who you are, confidence is very attractive. ... (22 replies)
... if he does. I am on the side of being very cautious if there is dissatisfaction in this area on his part. Mouse is probably right in that it can and will spread to other areas of your appearance. It doesn't mean he loves you less, it is more about him than you...but look ahead to the life you may have. ... (22 replies)

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