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... sort of hit a brick wall when it comes to men I just cannot get close to anyone because i have too many barriars up. My friends and family think I don't have a boyfriend because I am too picky but its because I am scared of history repeating itself.... ... (4 replies)
Having a bad day
Feb 16, 2012
... I've been able to look at my loss somewhat philosophically now... but I'm glad that my past has helped you. ... (31 replies)
... My boyfriend and I had been together for 7 months. ... (12 replies)

... this is going to be very long.if youre not going to offer advice please dont waste your time.i'm sad i'm hurt i feel betrayed and i need help.i cry all the time,im crying even now. ... (3 replies)
... They are now currently living together and seem to be working on their issues as they agreed when they moved in together. ... (2 replies)
... First, some old male friend of hers wrote on her Facebook wall and suggested they have dinner to catch up. I wanted to play it cool and not say anything but I did and it became sort of an issue about me trusting her. I'm wishing I had just kept my mouth shut. ... (12 replies)
... I have a lot of things going on at the moment. So bare with me. ... (20 replies)
... and we fell into a comfort trap, and went with it, it sucked leaving her for the summers, even christmas break i graduated a year before her, and i found my way down to see her 4 times, it sucked not seing her and talking for 5 mins on the phone, we because we couldnt communicate and it sucked. ... (12 replies)
... ater in your post, but one guy that I met at a club, he was alone and looked harmless and nice enough, at the next table, so I struck up a conversation with him, not really as a romantic prospect, but as a friend, or just someone to talk to at the club. ... (96 replies)
... he would not make any effort whatsoever with me. ... (13 replies)
... Well, it really wasn't the friend's duty to not buy the lap dance, it was your boyfriend's duty to say "hey dude, I've got a girlfriend, this isn't cool, thanks but no thanks. ... (77 replies)
... we still live together until our lease is done. he came home from work, i asked him to help me clean for half an hour, because the landlords were coming in to do a "pre moving" inspection. ... (13 replies)
... Well .. I guess I wanted to see others opinions on just the 'looking' issue alone ... but yes, there is more ... I just didn't want it to influence you on your response. ... (44 replies)
... I totally disagree with what others have posted to you. It sounds like the VS comment may not have been a smart comment to make perhaps immature but I don't get it as being a slam in your face....and as far as the exbf talking about sex with her. She didn't bring it up the past sex stuff etc.... ... (12 replies)
... songwriter talking about love and life, etc. and she mentioned that she recently ran into her ex boyfriend and he was with his girlfriend. the reporter asked her if it was awkward and she say no, it was six years ago, it was sooooo long ago, I don't even remember why we broke up. ... (80 replies)
... m really not sure if he got her one as I had to take my DD to bed so I walked upstairs. As far as why he still remains friends with his ex after what she did to him, I ask myself the same question. ... (14 replies)
Stand By Your Man?
Nov 16, 2007
... hree weeks ago I started seeing this male friend of mine. I'd finally extricated myself from my boyfriend, and then my friend made a move. Apparently he'd liked me for a long time. ... (26 replies)
Am I just stupid?
Jun 30, 2007
... Ok. So almost a year and a half ago I was introduced to this guy. We went out that night and had a good time and I ended up passing out at his house. ... (3 replies)
... I'm 19 years old...never been one much for dating. I like to get attached and know that most guys are not looking for something that will last very long, so I just never tried. ... (6 replies)
... I broke the wonderful news to my boyfriend and do you know what his reaction was? ... (7 replies)

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