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... psychotic, manic or depressive episode. As far as withdrawing from family is concerned, as difficult as this is to deal with, it's something that alot of people with bipolar or schizophrenia do. People with bipolar may avoid people so as not to hurt them when manic or depressed. ... (21 replies)
... Well, its very possible all the drug use led up to her psychosis. However you said she's been off drugs, has an occasional drink, and still is paranoid/delusional about you and her thoughts. It sounds like she is mentally ill, sounds kind of like schizophrenia to me, but I'm no doctor. I'd get her to go see the Psychiatrist again because this is unfair for her and you. I'm so... (21 replies)
... Honestly if she's not taking her meds then this behaviour will continue to happen as the meds are what is keeping her stable. Unfortunately it will probably increase again until she tries to hurt someone or herself. It sounds as if she is psychotic and hearing voices and definitely needs to be on meds to control it. Have you considered contacting her doctor and letting him... (21 replies)

... MY daughter had started with smoking up at 14 years old, with friends. ... (21 replies)
... Well...that is complicated.I'll try to express it, however I'm not sure I will give a good representation in such a short time. He has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he also struggles with some other problems that they have had trouble treating and diagnosing. ... (23 replies)
... Hi first off they say that one in four of us will expereince some form of mental illness at some point in our lives. Depression and anxiety being one of the most common forms of mental illness. ... (7 replies)
... You don't say WHAT mental illness your boyfriend has. ... (23 replies)
... relationship and you are trying to make through something that a lot of long term relationships and marriages don't even make it through. This has nothing to do with mental illness or PTSD. This is the realization that this man is not the fantasy guy you have built up in your mind. ... (12 replies)
... I agree completely with Larrylou's mom. I was diagnosed with an illness and my bf couldn't handle it. He really wasn't there for me and that just added to the stress and made things worse. ... (7 replies)
... I think that you have to be careful in thinking of people with true mental illnesses as "damaged" people. ... (8 replies)
... ed my county hospital. Coincidentally, my mother works at said hospital, and tells me the psych department is very good. However, I think he's more comfortable with our local MHMR facility, and we've pretty much decided to get him set up there once his insurance lapses. ... (9 replies)
... About 4 months ago, my boyfriend of 6 years began to start obsessing over the world economy collapsing. ... (15 replies)
... I post to the relationship board because all of these things have cost me every little bit of contact with another human being. ... (4 replies)
... Your girlfriend has a HUGE amount of issues. Many marriages could not survive what you are trying to deal with as a boyfriend. ... (8 replies)
... Wow you definately have a tough situation on your hands. I really feel for you both and especially your boyfriend in this must be terrible having to live with all those mental problems. ... (9 replies)
... i told my boyfriend i cannot be at his house anymore... ... (15 replies)
... Why would you wait around for a guy and be committed to him for him to not appreciate that and that alone....not to mention evrything else he is doing and saying to you. Let those women "wait" for him....move on there are plenty of wonderful men out there that deserve your committment. (12 replies)
... girlfriend and another girl. Now not only had he begun relationships with them, he taunts me with the fact that they are "beautiful" and "like him SO much" and he's not sure if he wants to stay with me because the grass might be "greener on the other side". ... (12 replies)
Angry boyfriend
Jul 18, 2011
... I was you. He sounds very mentally ill. Whatever you allow him to get away with he will do it and it will get worse over time. ... (27 replies)
... nd my mom have been married 50 years, and they love one another. I will tell you this, too, and that's that my mother has had a VERY hard life due to my father's mental illness. ... (1 replies)

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