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... I'm sorry that your boyfriend is a liar and a cheat, and with your family members, no less. Cheating and lying always go together. ... (5 replies)
... Hi so i need advice . First time on here well my boyfriend of almost 2 years cheated on me in a way by messaging my 15 yr old cousin and hes 19 . ... (5 replies)
... If you stay, you have no boundaries....if you have no boundaries, you forgive...if you forgive, it continues...if it continues, you accept...if you accept, you have lost all self-respect. It's a cycle.... Leave now. Remember this event and the signs, and don't ever be desperate no matter how much it hurts. I need to add that he also presented another issue where he... (5 replies)

... He won't cheat until the next opportunity comes along where he can really keep it low-key. He just needs more practice with the "low-key" part. I think you would be better off without him. (5 replies)
... I think you should walk away, a year is nothing in the big scheme of things......daddy's girl is being manipulative and daddy's buying right into it. that isn't going to change. save yourself the trouble, tell him he can have all the time in the world with his princess and move on. Spend some time with your 8 year old daughter, she needs you more (2 replies)
... get rid of him......he lies, cheats, and messes with an underage relative of yours? really what is there to think about? (5 replies)
... i was sad when i found out because i actually didnít think he would this to me but once he admitted the truth i was ****** . Like how could a person do that especially if i treated him good i even asked what if it was me who cheated with one of his brothers and he got mad and hung up the phone (5 replies)
... I've been dating my boyfriend for a year. We both have children. Mine is an 8 year old girl and his are a 27 year old son and 24 year old daughter. ... (2 replies)
... Dearest Mishy, Hon, evidently his daughter has unfinished business with him that you would do well to stay out of. That is between him and her and you can instead be supportive of him while they work through it. or add more pressure on him out of insecurity. His daughter also may be worried about loyalty to her mother, which is completely normal. I strongly suggest that... (2 replies)
... My boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary in early February. I had no indication that anything was amiss in our relationship. ... (3 replies)
... Unfortunately, you cannot control how other people feel, but you can control yourself. This guy is a loser. He obviously was thinking about other things before this happened... no one ends a relationship over something this small- so fast... this might have been his breaking point. Yes, you should have discussed this with him- but its not a cardinal sin to hold something so... (3 replies)
... I also want to encourage you to swallow your pride and be strong. Every person makes mistakes. Every person has strengths and weaknesses. All you are responsible for is to communicate your side of this. Don't be silent to his disappointment. You are not responsible for his emotions or his attitude. But you are responsible for not communicating. So communicate your own... (3 replies)
... Dear writer, Of course he probably is shocked that his big plans fell apart. But it's very important that you leave his side of it with him. You already feel bad yourself. He may have already been thinking that way before your academic failure. He seems way too quick to throw you away. I suggest that you send him a note and ask for forgiveness for failing, then try to... (3 replies)
... is only friends and their relationship is indeed dysfunctional. He moved away from his small town home with his childhood buddy Joe. He and Joe met Julie and her boyfriend Nick and the 4 of them moved in with each other to the big city. They in a way became his alternate family. ... (2 replies)
... My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. ... (19 replies)
... I'm 19 and am in a relationship with my first boyfriend ever. We've been together a little over 4 months. ... (1 replies)
... you are so right. The worst thing to do is cut his mother down in conversation with him. The frustrations with her have definitely come out when talking to my boyfriend from time to time, but I'm gradually learning to keep things to myself a bit more. ... (19 replies)
... I've been with my boyfriend almost a year and I live with him in his dad's house. ... (2 replies)
... boyfriend and my current boyfriend were friends before either of them started dating us because they were from the same town and had hung out quite a few times with mutual friends. ... (11 replies)
... loving her etc. and goes on with her famous line "you don't know what I have been through". I can I hear my boyfriend calmly explaining that he does love and care about her but that she needs help etc. etc. ... (5 replies)

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