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... My problem is that insecurities have always plagued me in relationships. ... (15 replies)
... Twig, you seem to be paying the price for your wifes insecurities regarding herself! ... (43 replies)
Feb 27, 2006
... please try to control yourself may be difficult but try to stop yourself from being jealous, insted of looking at other girls around you, look into your boyfriends eyes and feel the need to make him feel wanted and in return he shouldm ake you feel wanted and not like youre always out to find faults and argue... ... (7 replies)

... I was over at my boyfriends house tonight and while he was in the shower I checked my email on his laptop. In the address bar I typed in the letter 'H' and at least 50 porn sites came up. ... (21 replies)
... No that's not it at all...most women find porn to be disgusting and therefore find it disgusting that their man would be spending hours upon hours doing something that most women find disgusting! (21 replies)
... ich I think is normal for a guy. I see nothing wrong with that. I don't understand why women have so many hangups about it... I am guessing that's where the insecurities come into play.. ... (21 replies)
... ere you are coming from... I think, by nature, humans have a tendancy to be somewhat jealous. The fact that you DON'T bring up things that you know are your own insecurities says something... I think that trait is admirable. ... (37 replies)
... Please understand Citron... I have been the target of a very insecure person. I spent years trying to prove that I was worthy and could be trusted. It was so hurtful because I gave up so much and had to compromise so much to try to get them to see that I was a good and totally devoted person.This person had nothing to base their fears on - not a single thing. I tried to help... (37 replies)
... I feel that you are trying to push yourself way to hard here. You ex. was not the best of many boyfriends that you may have had but no one is perfect. Your first step is to try to get over that and move foward. ... (5 replies)
... I understand human nature, and I can't say that I don't notice other men. I guess it is just a few insecurities within myself. ... (34 replies)
Why am I paranoid?
Nov 10, 2010
... retty girls he doesn't see them like that he just see's them as girls he works with. My ex was very controlling and very insecure himself, he would voice all his insecurities to me, it got so bad that I went to a my chemical romance concert and my ex thought I would be kissing all the lads there before bringing the lead singer home! ... (4 replies)
... al prefrence has never been an issue and she knows I'm as striaght as they come. Anyway, I have had problems in the past when she has been jealous of some of my boyfriends and my other friends. ... (4 replies)
... r point blank. It sounds to me like you are trying to justify your own situation by criticizing mine. I'm comfortable with myself inside and out and don't harbor insecurities about opposite sex friends, exes as friends, what have you. You are responding to my thread but going on about your own situation. ... (51 replies)
... serable that the only way they could feel any satisfaction was to see someone they envied go through a hard time. They would try so hard to manipulate me and my boyfriends into doubting or ending our relationships because they were so jealous of my happiness and confidence... ... (176 replies)
... OH WOW!! :eek: Reading this gave me the weirdest, strongest sense of deja vu--your story sounds exactly like my experience with my college roommate from freshman-junior year. I have always had mostly guy friends, who are easy-going and loyal and fun, and then sometimes one "best" girl friend who always ends up becoming loony, jealous, and back-stabbing. But I had to room... (9 replies)
... ing" over summer in high school one year. At the time, they both had feelings for each other. They went back to being just friends, as my girlfriend had a couple boyfriends before she met me. He called very often, to the point that he would call whenever I was with her. ... (15 replies)
... tractive guy and didn't think anything of it but now I feel guilty for even looking at someone even though I don't actually want do anything with any of them, my boyfriends the only one that I want and want to kiss, touch etc but I just have lost all confidence in myself now. ... (1 replies)
... I've seen it happen with all the men in my life.. my ex husband, our baby was born and we were still living at his parents house. he had $0 dollars to his name, no job, attached to his mother (and she was the one who would create most of our problems), and would focus all his attention towards his band. one day i finally picked up and left, moved back to my moms. didnt contact... (12 replies)
... child support, the ex finds a new love interest to harass, we build a relationship here and everyone moves forward. I have spoke with him several times about my insecurities and I also don't want to be the reason he doesn't move back to his home state. I refuse to be the reason he doesn't get to be near his children. ... (13 replies)
... She wanted the divorce. She had moved on to several boyfriends while they were seperated. I met him at my job and we were friends for months. ... (13 replies)

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