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... I know this situation VERY well. I used to be insecure like you and I had boyfriends that looked at the floor and other boyfriends that just looked anyway and couldn't control it at all. Either way, I got mad. ... (6 replies)
... ld To Me" and "She's Every Woman" and when we here men talking about their spouses and they say "she's the most beautiful woman in the world." I don't think it's insecurity that makes you want to feel that from your man and know that that's not how he feels about you. It's just perhaps not very realistic. ... (21 replies)
... IMO it seems like you do not understand male sexuality and are also allowing your insecurity to be a factor in this. You show me a man that does not like looking at pretty naked women, all do. ... (21 replies)

... d an extreme one. And in that experience I kept doing that 'one more thing' that would hopefully end all the fear. But it was never enough. And if you do have an insecurity problem, it's only human nature to keep wanting to justify the relationship to ease one's concerns. I've seen it a thousand times. ... (37 replies)
... e involved in any way with their activities. In all the time you have been going out, the friend's stupid stuff has not worked, right. There seems to be a little insecurity on both sides, but the gf usually comes first. He is not important enough to force your bf to choose between. ... (5 replies)
... I have had boyfriends before who's eyes wander. ... (5 replies)
... Are you kidding me? I disagree. Absolutely not Ok. Why do you need to track/spy/stalk your boyfriend? Ok, you have trust issues, I understand. But you need to work on you. Spying on your bf will not solve anything. Also why would you want to put YOURSELF thru that?! Is that how you want to live your life? Going thru his phone and keeping tabs of his whereabouts TO FEEL SECURE?... (13 replies)
... Period. If you are insecure, then you need to work on YOU, and learn to trust your ability to pick someone who won't cheat on you. It's very unfair to throw your insecurity onto someone else. ... (13 replies)
... He doesn't know what he wants? This is speaking very loud! Do you want a man who doesn't know what he wants? Sweet as he is, I am afraid this is not a fair relationship for you. You know that, don't you? I think he should really avoid being much around his ex-wife, because feelings are apt to resurface, right? You don't tell why they separated... I don't think she has... (3 replies)
... r where he goes when I am not around is absolutely none of my business. I couldn't care less. He has his own life and I have mine. If you obsess over what your boyfriends do when they aren't around you, that is terribly unhealthy. And pointless. ... (6 replies)
... But Citron has at least made an effort and has identified that there is an insecurity issue there. It's a start. Hopefully he can work from there. ... (37 replies)
... The problem one has with insecurity is within. ... (37 replies)
... t would take a quite shallow person to keep photos for a 'pat on the back'. That's just sad for anyone to even have come up with the suggestion and shows serious insecurity problems. ... (37 replies)
... Maybe it"s time to find the source of this insecurity issue. Therapy might be an option. One can"t have a relationship with such thoughts in one"s head. ... (8 replies)
... The only person you are hurting by persisting with this issue is yourself. Chances are she never even thought about or looked at these photos before you brought it up... and now they are a big issue - which again is making you even more eager to get rid of them. Vicious circle. And it is a little selfish to expect someone to get rid of their own personal belongings to make you... (37 replies)
... I'm sure you already know this but insecurity isn't attractive. Believe me I've been there with the insecurity. I was so paranoid about my boyfriends thinking I was fat...and in retrospect I wish I hadn't been. Men will look but it doesn't necessarily mean the images stay with them, or they want these images. ... (8 replies)
... d so we have intense feelings of insecurity. It also has an effect on how we look at things and we tend to put up with more and overlook more things from a loosy boyfriends or husbands. When menopause hits, or perimenopause, the cloud lifts and we can see things as they really are. ... (21 replies)
... I agree with Mada...don't let your insecurity and bruised male ego get in the way of what sounds like a great relationship with a wonderful girl who adores you. ... (12 replies)
... Yeah, but you know? It's hard to accept it. IT'S HARD. I've never felt pretty, ever, having grown up being called ugly, and constantly compared to my sistesr being asked "How come you don't look like her? She's so pretty!". It's hard to just get over it, if there are so many ads and porn glorifying big breasts. That everywhere I look, I just feel inadequate. I... (15 replies)
Any ideas?
Jan 8, 2006
... a tendancy to go out with guys who she can control and her mate told me that I am too confident basically to control. So basically, the girl i am scoring has an insecurity about relationships. ... (9 replies)

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