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... Ya know a month ago i'd be saying "ah stick with it! blah blah blah.. now i'm out of it. out of the abusive relationship i was in. I deserve much more.. so yeah go find someone who won't give you so much crap. ... (4 replies)
... yes, it will be hard to get over because of the intensity of her 'idealization'. you have to keep in mind the reason for that idealization, that it wasn't an interest in you, but it was about her pulling you in, making you an extension. there are times you will remember how good she was to you, and then think how could she go from that to completely villanizing you, and you... (17 replies)
... I feel like if I leave him and he does have a mental illness that I am walking away from somebody who needs help. I wouldn't leave him if he had cancer. If I had an explanation for his anger like a mental illness than he could get help, start meds etc. I don't feel like he doesn't respect me... not all the time. He does do things for me. He came to the hospital to visit my... (16 replies)

... this is more than an anger problem, he doesn't respect you. you don't need this, it will just get worse. he may be bi-polar or have borderline personality disorder (bpd) staying with him sends him the message you will put up with it, he has no reason to change. (16 replies)
... ionships warning you of their mental health problems, as if that will be an excuse for any bad behavior down the line. Of course it's ridiculous for anyone in a relationship to tell their SO that they are going to spend the night at their ex's house, especially because they anticipate being drunk. ... (7 replies)
... whether it actually be NPD or BPD or BP or...? ... (7 replies)
... mouse you know what you have to do. you have to cut him loose. he's not your responsibility. don't make his problems your problems. From reading your other post I wonder if he has BPD, borderline personality disorder. Some of his actions fit. You might want to look it up. :angel: (7 replies)
... No, it's not getting any better for me. In fact, it's getting worse and worse. It's a classical situation - when your mind and you logic tell you one thing and your heart and your feelings - completely the opposite. I'm still surprised, however: I've been into a fair amount of relationships, and breakup was never that hard on me, esp. after a couple of years being... (17 replies)
... I kind of know what you are going through right now, my mom is Bi-Polar (I also beleive there might be another underlying mental illness in addition). I'm not saying people with mental illness do not deserve a chance, and maybe my opinion is biased because I still hold some resentment toward my mother- but I think you are better moveing on. Funny u post this today, my... (17 replies)
... Well, regardless of whether she needs to see a specialist for diagnosis, she sounds like she needs to see a specialist for her behavior. My thought is that you can get over it, it's going to hurt, and take a while, but it will happen. I am not going to tell you to stay away, or get her back. I'm not qualified for that, but I think you'll be okay without her. Good luck with it.... (17 replies)
... Well, I think that you may need to elaborate on this post. Maybe it is my fault, but I don't quite understand what you are talking about. It sounds somewhat ambiguous. In any case, you never say that you really love that girl and would be ready to encourage her to seek a treatment for her condition, assuming that it is treatable. Don't get me wrong, but I had the... (17 replies)
... Its never going to end. BPD is basically a lifelong condition. ... (53 replies)
... I have been reading about this BPD thing and I really do think he has it. ... (53 replies)
... The was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read this post. Her husband definitely exhibits Borderline Personality Disorder High Functioning type/ with Anti-social Personality Disorder. (53 replies)
... That's actually what I was thinking too. (53 replies)
... he sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder...... (53 replies)
... Thanks Lil, Really tough to get my thoughts wrapped around all this behavioral stuff. I can really understand it better now that I see the splitting issue and the black and white thinking. I really do care and love her but she is hurting my trust in the relationship. I hope for the best from our therapist. (19 replies)
... Hi, Very interesting information that you provided.She really doesn't have many female friends which may make some sense about her childhood. She was adopted then shortly after had a sister and brother born into the family and I think she was treated differently than the others. Maybe some sort of behavioral imprinting happened? I think she definitely tries to get a... (19 replies)
... My suggestion....very personal...if your relationship is good, she loves you, sex is good, she's not working late all the time, no reason to suspect any problems.... ... (19 replies)
... When you have to struggle SO hard to keep a relationship going, and find that you are having to write strangers for advice and have to SEARCH to even find someone who has done what you are trying to do, I think that is a BIG RED FLAG flapping in the breeze. Love simply shouldn't be that painful and if it is, there is some other issues going on as a person with a healthy sense... (18 replies)

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