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... yes I originally started coming here to get info regarding the boyfriend I was with who had BPD.....well that relationship ended a couple years ago and I've still stuck around...... ... (36 replies)
... Here's a perfect example....the short relationship with the guy who had PTSD....I was absolutely nuts about this guy and still think about him regularly. It was a very short relationship. ... (36 replies)
... Hi Lil, thanks for replying are you suggesting that I may have some of these same disorders? I was very surprised when HurtininHouston came on initially posting about her partners BPD, then turns out she's convinced that she has it too. I'm positive that I'm not bi-polar, BPD, PTSD or NPD. The one thing that I WILL admit to is that I have OCD....... I don't think I'm... (36 replies)

... Yeah, I am aware lol and i wouldnt want to be them either! i dont like liz or hugh. but he just used them as an example. And yes, no comment about your observation regarding BPD. I had been meaning to respond to your comments elsewhere here on this relationship board- you have posted this to many other people who have posted on this board. it is wrong in my opinion but... (37 replies)
... rsonality disorder posts up. It was like I was writing the stories myself! They're all right on the money as far as actions, reactions, etc.. Are all people with BPD exactly the same? ... (98 replies)
... Nakia, Your husband loves you unconditionally! Thats what everyone hopes to find! You're one of the lucky ones! I'm so happy for you, that you can find security and comfort in your relationship. One thing that struck me funny is that you said your parents have never acknowledged your BPD....even in your moms field? Even after knowing you had something wrong and she... (64 replies)
... At first, when his 'friend' came onto the scene, I resented him...he was an intrusion that might interfere with my 'work' on this relationship and a hindrance to my husband's wallet, something he could ill afford then as well as now. ... (64 replies)
... IS my BPD ex making a move on me and if she is should I take her at face value or is this just another ploy by a Borderline. ... (31 replies)
... I have decided to end my relationship with her sister, her partner and their 3yo son of whom I was extremely close to as I feel I cannot trust any of them. ... (1 replies)
... He dumped me a year ago and is now in a relationship with someone who ie EXACTLY like him... ... (48 replies)
... I've BEEN in a relationship with someone with BPD...... ... (10 replies)
... steve48, I would say that you need to let her go and yes, I agree that you need to run. Some relations are based on conflict like yours seems to be. Ask your self why you have not left yet. What is in your backround that keeps you hanging around in a miserable relationship. Go now while you can still go. sometimes people will get so entrenched in these kinds of relationships... (31 replies)
Is it me or my man
Oct 25, 2010
... and I'm no good and just here to hurt him and if and when the relationship ends it's all my fault. He gives no credit of those times when things are good, when I do not snap etc. ... (24 replies)
Advice needed
Jul 8, 2010
... s as well. I don't put up with that behavior much. I would always call her on what I saw, walk away and we would talk about it later when she calmed down. In our relationship I mean. We would talk about her problems with others when she addressed them, but I didn't actively seek out throwing things in her face. ... (14 replies)
... About 4 years my boyfriends sister moved out of the family home and into her boyfriends apartment. She came back a year later claiming he was abusing her. It has been over 3 years since she left/had any contact with her 'abuser'. When she first moved back home my boyfriend moved out because he couldn't handle her "episodes" which included her abusing valium, getting drunk... (5 replies)
... mouse it seems that all the men that find their way to me are broken to some degree. I know this guy has all kinds of problems, and red flags, and the scary thing is I would be willing to help him.....I know that's the co-dependent craap rearing it's head....I see that And yes recognizing the patterns is good, it's what got me out of my last relationship, among other... (80 replies)
... ive in relationship with a narcissssist, a short fling with someone I was nuts about who had PTSD and depression, and the last one was by far the worst, a 1 year relationship with a guy who has BPD, borderline personality disorder. That's when I thought it was time to stop, along with other things going on, the death of my dog..... ... (80 replies)
I have had enough
Sep 17, 2007
... lol you crack me up the lot of you. i didnt come here for a diagnosis but relationship advice. there is nothing wrong with me but a relationship problem. ... (122 replies)
... rbal may be good. like someone else said just put your foot down and tell him how it is gonna be. and if he doesn't like it he can lv. you've been down the bad relationship road before since you stated you are divorced. so you know what you can and can not put up with. communicate that to your bf. ... (98 replies)
Brief update
Feb 6, 2007
... yeah he said it, but it was unfulfilling to me because it was just words, he didn't feel it...... Honestely I don't think I have the time or the patience for a relationship right now and I don't know if I ever will again, but that's ok. I'd rather be alone than be unhappily tied to someone.....been there, done that. ... (20 replies)

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