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... ing on a project together, and began to give me a lot of attention. It is flattering because he knows everyone, he's sort of "famous" in my city. I brushed it off at first, but now, I sort of like it. I am an independent, professional woman, and I just started making a high salary. ... (14 replies)
... I do not put off my boyfriend to spend time with my other friends. We both do shift work and so we don't have that many days off together. I value the time I get to spend with my boyfriend. ... (66 replies)
... I agree. it seems a little weird he is interested in someone so young. I am 26 and 18 year old guys seem like kids to me...heck, even 23 year old guys seem like kids to me!! (63 replies)

... Ok....first of all, I am more upset at this married man for trying to lure an 18 year old girl into an affair with him! I am the mother of an 18 year old also. She was working an after school job at a local restaurant. Her manager was married and constantly hitting on all of the younger girls there. ... (63 replies)
Is This Normal?
Apr 19, 2007
... r and don't want to be around her anymore and you feel more for the husband, you would still be helping HIM out by befriending HER and letting her vent and being an ear to listen to. ... (8 replies)
Feb 10, 2007
... But several months and lots of alcohol later, I gave in. Eventually, me and the friend started having an affair...I fell in love with him big time! ... (14 replies)
... nd cheat on him... this is a perfect example of why I think marriage doesn't make sense for men anymore. some women think the are entitled to the excitement that an affair brings. ... (10 replies)
Infidelity, etc.
May 28, 2006
... e thinks she's lonely does not entitle her to betray her husband. She could go to a gym, learn a language, party out with friends whatever instead of looking for an affair. Also,would you want to be intimate with someone just because it happened that they feel bored? ... (14 replies)
... thanks for sharing your story. First off, let me say the whole "you didn't give me enough attention so I went out and had an affair" thing I don't think ever washes. ... (25 replies)
... Yes, she's the one who kissed another man, broke your trust, promised to break off contact and then continued an emotional affair with him, especially after he moved a 5 minute walk away. It seems to me she's done way more damage to the marriage than you have. ... (8 replies)
... are men that love damsels in distress. 4 years ago, when I first started working at my job. There was a 24 year old gal working here. Her and my boss were having an affair to say the least. My boss is married with 3 kids. ... (53 replies)
... I couldn't agree more. What's done is done. If you reply to this man, all heck will break loose. Your issue now is a "one night stand" like the previous poster said. ... (6 replies)
... If you have the remote idea in your mind that you want to have an affair you need to step out of your marriage. Its not fair to your spouse for you to do such a thing. Just break off the marriage and go about your life. ... (10 replies)
... t I be HER friend. But that gut feeling told me otherwise and I watched and tried to believe that it was "nothing" then it turned to "I've fallen for her, it was an accident" but I swear NOTHING physical EVER happened, not even a kiss. ... (21 replies)
... or you can break off the ties and find an honest relationship. ... (10 replies)
... I think sitting her down and telling her what you know and asking her what's up is a good first step. It's not an easy talk to have, but I think it's important if you want to give her a chance to do the right thing. ... (4 replies)
... K that's not just one strike, that's two! He's cheating on his fiance AND he's not just having an affair with the girl next door, it's his employee! Good god, this guy has no ethical bone in his body and you are crying because you won't have something with him? ... (15 replies)
... That means no matter what, no other person could break that up! If he can't truely say that, they are both better off seperating because what happens when he's tempted again,with some other woman besides this NEW one? ... (73 replies)
I give up on women
May 26, 2006
... Yeah. I can definitely relate..... Sorry about your troubles. When you have enough experiences of total failure, you begin to feel like you're gonna be alone the rest of your life. It's not a fun feeling. (22 replies)
I give up on women
May 25, 2006
... wife had an affair with a married man. Her reason was mainly financial. So I had a rough time with it, we have kids and all, but I started to rebuild things. ... (22 replies)

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