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... basically they attempted to arrange and meet for sex and though they never did, I found the messages and flipped out on him. ... (6 replies)
... I could really use some advice about this. I don't know what I should do. ... (3 replies)
... I have been experiencing anxiety attacks since I broke up with my ex about two months ago. ... (1 replies)

... Anyway, We finally broke up completely. ... (22 replies)
... that was a lot of heavy talk for text messages. I would suggest that next time, you guys wait until you can at least talk on the phone, if not in person, to say what's on your mind bc at least then you can interpret what they're thinking from their reaction, voice, and face. (6 replies)
... Why would you drive an hour to your house with her, turn around and take her back, and then you have to drive home again? You must have unlocked the passenger door to let her in. Why? So I take it she got out of the car on her own once she got back home? I'm sure you haven't heard the last of her. Ignore her messages. She'll probably make threats that "she can't... (22 replies)
... Hello, My name is David. I have never posted on these boards before and I am looking for some advice and input, and some help putting things into perspective. ... (14 replies)
... you but doesn't want to tell you, so he created this other female username and posted those comments himself knowing that you'd read them and that it would stir up enough turmoil in you to break up with him,so he wouldn't have to break up with you. ... (17 replies)
... s i left to work and also texting when i was asleep or at home busy with the kids.. I found some very hurtful pictures she sent to him of herself naked. In these messages they said they loved each other. My wife expressed how boring and unhappy she was in our marriage. ... (12 replies)
I need advice
Feb 3, 2005
... Well when he got home from work that night I asked him who she was and he still denied it so I told him that I read his text messages and he finally caved when I gave him some examples. He swears up and down that he did not have sex with her but admitted that he wanted to. ... (20 replies)
... her which can go both ways. We were either deleriously happy or fighting. We fought A LOT!! A lot of our friends had just had it with us and thought we should break up for good but they didn't understand how we felt about each other. When we broke up it felt like my world was ending. Anyhoo, enough of the history... ... (4 replies)
... Over the next couple of months I think we both got comfortable and didn't make that much of an effort with each other. We were both snappy and I ended up spending more and more time away. He had Uni exams to revise for and it seemed like we never had quality time together. ... (11 replies)
... and every time we talk about he'll say we have to make sure we're ok financially "if we break up". Well, I know he keeps saying we "have to be realistic" and I understand that, but what happened to "I want to be with you forever". ... (1 replies)
... girl who is 16 and we quickly became friends. We would hang out pretty much once a week outside of work since we don't go to the same school. We would also stay up late tlaking on the phone all the time also. ... (2 replies)
... However she started developing weird habits of not picking up the phone and behavioural and personality changes. I would always suspect she was with another person and thus didnt want to pick up. ... (3 replies)
... did, whereas I called him a few times, and there were a couple IM conversations in which I tried to start out just talking normally, chatting, etc., and I ended up railing on him and asking him 5,000 questions. The key thing is that I was usually the one to contact him. It hurts. ... (42 replies)
... I just broke up with him and we still talk on the phone,lately was the other day and I dont know if I have to keep on calling him. ... (7 replies)
... st use your best judgment. Each guy and each situation will be different, and move at its own pace. You might find some guys will assume they've got you all sewn up in their hip pocket after the first date, others will say they'll call you and then won't, others may be interested but want to take their time, like you. ... (26 replies)
... uments as he wont let me ever met them and i cant understand why. weve talked and argued over it to many times its even nearly come to the point we were going to break up. he always says "you just dont like me having friends" i feel like im at school again fighting over who can play with who. ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for all your advice guys, I haven't contacted my ex for about a week and a half...but he has sent me messages asking me to do things with him and I have just replied that I'm busy....he hasn'y written back so I think he suspects that I have met someone new..... ... (10 replies)

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