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Suspicious email
Jul 2, 2007
... distance relationship can be, especially on the topic of trust. ... (34 replies)
What Can I Do?
Jul 29, 2007
... and he immediately admitted that he had gotten extremely drunk at a party and kissed a girl. This girl was also an international student, and she was also in a long term relationship. Evidently, this girl has done this several times recently with different guys. ... (12 replies)
A Few Questions
Dec 26, 2011
... Alright, well... I've been seeing my current boyfriend for a little over a month. ... (2 replies)

What to do?
Jan 15, 2005
... like he's giving you a choice about the break, so you might as well make the most of it by focusing on you and your needs. Try to figure out where you want this relationship to go from here along with what steps might help you achieve these goals. ... (7 replies)
... After 2 years I ended up moving to live with him and to start the Ph. ... (3 replies)
... o moved far away, which was probably a blessing in disguise, because while I still love him and care deeply about him as a friend, everytime I talk to him, I end up feeling sadder, missing him more, and regressing in terms of my healing efforts. ... (10 replies)
... and we had a huge falling out and broke up. I was long distance for about 8 months for job training and had a few more months to go. I broke up with him. But always regretted it to an extent. Our relationship had melated down and I didn't feel it was going to change. ... (5 replies)
... We have spent the last year in a long distance relationship and because of a few arguments I am starting to have doubts and I am not sure whether the problem is her or me. ... (7 replies)
... I dated this guy Mark for 2 years. We were together since our first day of college. Mark wasn't always the best boyfriend ever, but we did have something special. Last summer, he went to New Zealand to study abroad. ... (8 replies)
Taking breaks...
Aug 4, 2007
... distance relationship but would like to have you on the shelf in case he does not find anything better, without any guilt or jealousy since you are both taking a 'break'. ... (11 replies)
... distance relationship while I attend college and we talk daily via instant messaging. ... (11 replies)
... I also am currently in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend and I met on the internet over a year ago and it was rough at the beginning because we didn't have the 'normal' start of a relationship. ... (44 replies)
... he refused to come, he said he wants everything from me, love, sex ,care, he don,t want any condition, but I am not ready for these thing. Finally I broke up with him, but I don,t know why I still miss him. ... (2 replies)
... I knew a woman who pulled over to get gas in her car and she told her boyfriend "go pump the gas!! You're the man!! ... (15 replies)
"the one"
Jun 22, 2005
... young and need to explore other relationships. Let him know that you have moved on since your breakup and no longer feel you want to tie yourself down or have a long distance relationship. Don't even give it another thought or feel guilty in any way. ... (6 replies)
Feb 27, 2007
... I've come to realise that I have a difficult time opening up emotionally and believing in my boyfriend. Because of this, I feel miserable quite often, I feel uneasy and insecure in my relationship. ... (8 replies)
... My relationship ended about a week ago. We were together for about a year and three months. ... (202 replies)
Nov 12, 2006
... This whole situation SUCKS, it sucks SO MUCH and I just don't know which way is up anymore. I'm not trying to set myself up as the victim here, but I did kind of get pulled into a craptastic situation. ... (26 replies)
... ow there are exceptions, cases where two people need some time apart and later realize that they can make it work as a couple, but for the most part, couples who break up do not have what it takes to stay together in the long run. ... (8 replies)
... I get a text message or 2 last night , she was out partying with people down at her college, and I was out at my buddies' party up here. She said good night to me in a text but I didnt get it till the following morning. ... (5 replies)

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