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... I read a feature article on one of those internet news magazine sites written by a man about why it's not wise to be friends after a break up. One of the reasons was that "the person was lame" so why would you want to be friends with someonewho's lame. ... (64 replies)
... I never said men don't have emotions. Of course they feel love, jealousy, fear, etc. I just said most of them process it in a different way. ... (64 replies)
... I agree with you that men don't handle them better if the guy truely loved the women. We do start dating quickly to show us that we are desired and do have the ability to attract women. ... (64 replies)

... Hey thanks, like i said she doesnt go to bars, drink, she is very quiet and shy girl,. very, i mean she goes to church she means well, but she doesnt handle pressure well like i said its been 6 years, no communication and that truly hurt us, she is depressed and doesnt see it her parents dont support her, and i believe if she didnt want to do it, she would point blank SAY no,... (18 replies)
... But, I must admit that I think having a girl broke up on us, it's an ego killer. That's why we try to go find another girl immediately. There's this whole "I need to recover my manliness quick" thing. ... (64 replies)
... for wanting to break up our family just so i could get laid. ... (6 replies)
... I can't understand loving a women and cheating either! If I am with a women and love her all I want is her. I will agree that the "it's just sex" is easier for men but that's not a bad thing just like the opposite is not bad either. ... (64 replies)
... This just proves the point that's been made, that the whole "it's just sex" thing is easier for men than women. The notion that women fall in love faster but men love deeper is a sweeping generalization that doesn't really address the question at hand. ... (64 replies)
... First, 'keeping the family safe' is not damaging your family for an affair. It's something like "OK, I can't help by being a screw up, but I won't destroy my family because of it". My ex is female, she had sex with another man during our relationship, the day after my birthday, the days I was taking care of our son of 3 y/o while she was out on a "concert", and so and so. ... (64 replies)
... Larry, I do believe this happens a lot. I personally know men who get into relationships with women solely so they don't have to be alone. ... (64 replies)
... he said see, this is why its good to keep this stuff. he said he will never throw it out and would even show it to our kids one day lol. he said even if we broke up he would keep it. he has never made fun of or said anything bad about an ex. ... (64 replies)
... But it's just what men do. Like that song Third Rate Romance, where he says "I'll even tell you that I love you if you want me to. ... (64 replies)
... l. But I can tell you in my experience, the guys I've had relationships with were all able to move on a lot faster than I was, even when I was the one who broke up with him. I have therefore reached the conclusion that a lot of guys aren't capable of feeling deep love or commitment the way women do. ... (64 replies)
... I'm sorry but your husband just sounds like a homosexual to me. For the life of me I cannot understand why homosexual men marry sweet women and destroy them in this way. Even after the fact, the woman, being a bit on the submissive side, wants to nurture them and stay friends. ... (6 replies)
... I get the feeling he doesn't want to break up with you, he wants YOU to break up with HIM so he doesn't have to be the heavy, and so he doesn't ahve to deal with you crying, being upset or angry, etc. ... (7 replies)
Question for men
Sep 14, 2007
... Do you really want a man who can't hold up his half of a relationship, who doesn't stay and stick things out, who runs away like a child whenever things get tough? ... (35 replies)
... We had great sex from the beginning, which also helped. He also has a bad habit of checking out other women in front of me. ... (31 replies)
Happy alone?
May 4, 2008
... tion but it didn't set well, and they wanted to experiment with other kinds of drugs and it just didn't seem like they really knew what they were doing so I gave up and left that alone. ... (22 replies)
Where to meet
Feb 11, 2007
... I think I might have to stop reading these boards, haha. I am really becoming a man hater with all these posts about men and their sexual selfishness, pride, etc. IMHO, Our society is cultivating pigs, not men. ... (2 replies)
... help me around the kitchen!" One of the more disturbing things you describe, which I hope I don't do, is that she turns everything around on you when you bring up something that bothers you...that is the issue I would try to deal with first using the kind of positive, upbeat approach I outlined above. ... (5 replies)

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