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... Overall, men just hide their feelings better. They act like everything is okay when they're hurting inside. ... (64 replies)
... of mine that im dealing problems emotionally,I did not hid the fact that i feel bad, infact having intimate with him physically really helped alot my depression feelings just to be honest. ... (14 replies)
... Are these feelings normal? ... (12 replies)

... you know in some ways, i can relate to you. its also been 4 months for me since my break up. im not really interested in dating anyone, and i think about him all the time. ... (12 replies)
... for what it's worth, I know EXACTLY how you're feeling. I've been through almost the same thing. Except with my break up, it was him who did the leaving. ... (4 replies)
... as possible though. We have been together like a year and a half...we have broken up 3 times including this last time. I'm not sure if you would really call them break ups because we never went one day with no contact at all. All of those times we broke up we had been kind of bickering and were stressed out about other things. ... (8 replies)
... You say this but my experience and millions of other good men this means nothing. You can't predict the future and FME womens feelings change like seasons! Seen to many good men with women that he thought his women felt like you say you do, then next thing you know she is with the BBD. ... (64 replies)
... Men seem to compartmentalize much better then we do. They ignore their feelings and move on. ... (64 replies)
... Hiding feelings may be it but IMO and FME the people just don't care! If they did why the breakup? ... (64 replies)
... Me and my partner have talked about the difference between men and women during break ups and how they handle it so differently. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, I've said this over and over before. Unfortunately, when it comes from a woman, it's just chalked up to bitter rants and ramblings. Yes, it is nice to have a man cop to the truth. It's very important for women to know. We go through so much junk when someone we love breaks up with us, it is a huge help to know that it's most likely because he just didn't love us, was only... (64 replies)
... at he really just liked her a lot but didn't love her so it didn't matter as much when it ended. That's why it appears that guys get over it faster, because his feelings weren't as deep as hers to begin with. ... (64 replies)
... I sure hope so.:) Some things happened today that I think brought me some closure. And Im hoping that things get somewhat better from here out. I know exactly what you mean about someone bringing the worst out in you:dizzy: I just really am so through with it all right now and focusing on my faith to get me through this hard time. (12 replies)
... well I am glad I have helped you. It is so hard to see other people in the same situation I was in. It really does suck to go through break ups like this, but, and this may sound cliche, it makes you stronger. ... (37 replies)
... Why not leave before finding someone new? If this guy was as bad as you say then why leave for someone a BBD, why not just leave and be on your own? (64 replies)
... I'd say he got over our breakup pretty well since he had another woman living with him. And no, I don't feel bad at all. In my case, my feelings for him turned not to hate but to disgust and revulsion. Being lied to and cheated on tends to do that to a woman. ... (64 replies)
... Women do the BBD, love you one minute hate you next just as much IMO. Men are not atomotons with no feelings we love just as deep or deeper IMO we are just more selective who gets that love. Women don't have sex with men they don't love? ... (64 replies)
... t provide for my family and no one else is going to own them, so they have to go with me" kind of thing. It has much more to do with ego than with love and deep feelings of love, respect, admiration of the other person, but I think perhaps men have a hard time distinguishing between the two. ... (64 replies)
... I don't agree many men including me have very deep feelings because they are not shown is for many reasons. We just don't give them to every women or show them to every person. ... (64 replies)
... I agree with you that men don't handle them better if the guy truely loved the women. We do start dating quickly to show us that we are desired and do have the ability to attract women. Moping to men does not accomplish anything because we are not allowed to show weakness or have the social group support that women do. We have to pick ourselves up. I would agree that... (64 replies)

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