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... mailed him telling him how I'm feeling. So as far as he knows, I'm dealing with it just fine. My feelings about the breakup are private and not for him to see. So maybe that's why some people seem to be dealing with breakups just fine... ... (64 replies)
... I never said all, I said a lot of guys and I said many. I even acknowledged there were exceptions. Because I know there are some guys out there with feelings. It's just a lot harder to find those guys because they are much more rare than those who just move on to the next one. (64 replies)
... Oh, I think they feel it, especially if they are in love. But men are raised to be less emotional, to now show feelings, to be logical. So they have to show their peers that they aren't affected, that so what if she doesn't want to be with me, there are 100 others who do want to be! It does not mean that deep down inside he's not hurting, but he's been trained to hide it. ... (64 replies)

... I don't think you need to hide your feelings, & I can see no reason why you'd have to. Just be yourself. Nothing is more beautiful than the true you (14 replies)
... On the other hand, I wonder if your friends were just trying to distract you. If they had sat with you all night and discussed your feelings and wallowed with you, that would have put a huge damper on the evening Im assuming, and didnt you say you had planned to go out? ... (207 replies)
... gloom feelings. No matter what you do or where you go, those feelings follow you so you just don't get a break. ... (337 replies)
... Go with your day to day emotions it's ok. You are having feelings of coming off a 5 year relationship. Your feelings are not like a light bulb switicing turning them on and off from love. Take one day at a time. ... (40 replies)
... is a good guy, and has always made the payments, though this often meant seeing him in person once a month for the money. Also, at some point during one of these break ups we started sleeping together. It only happened a few times, and once it started to hurt me emotionally, we ended it. ... (12 replies)
Oct 29, 2004
... I'm sure you feel that if you move back, she will like that, so her feelings will change and she will want to date you again. ... (32 replies)
... (7 replies)
... esteem issues. I just felt that I had invested a lot into the relationship and was sad when I found out our feelings for each other were not equal. ... (7 replies)
... cause I dont have that male figure in my life.When we fight,I always get really upset and Im wondering if its my boyfriend that Im upset about or if its just old feelings of my dad passing away that are being brought up again because they werent fully dealt with. ... (1 replies)
... Great advice :bouncing:, I love the people on this board. Many hit things right on the nail and the advice like this really does help the poster and others that are reading it ;) (105 replies)
... up. So your feelings are all over place I am sure. ... (105 replies)
... [QUOTE=All of my social circle is made up of people with babies and marriages or long term relationship folks. All have rings on their fingers. So for me to go and complain about these feelings is like going and talking to my therapist Lostsoul, maybe you should really take a look at your social circle again. I'll bet to say, that there must be one or two of those... (16 replies)
... I told him I want to break up with him coz I felt he changed and that its like this is what he wants me to do to break up with him.He said No and hes laughing and not taking me seriously coz I am always breaking up with him whenever I am angry with something.And then I said.. ... (4 replies)
... I am a bit confused by your message. You said, I never feel like I hear a song on the radio that is 'us' or want to buy him a card expressing my feelings. I enjoy the time we spend together - but just don't have the butterflies. Yet, you also said, we broke up the last two times is that he stated he didn't see us together as husband and wife and he didn't see us together... (3 replies)
What is this?
Feb 19, 2011
... Well, from your post it's quite clear you are confused. Relationships and break ups can be confusing. ... (4 replies)
... say to do that. In my opinion, he's showing severe signs of a closet narcissist and he's playing on your good nature. For once stop putting his feelings over yours. Do your feelings not matter? ... (98 replies)
... iend, it's your job to be there with caring, gentle advice without judgment and be there to pick up the pieces when it all comes crashing down. But it seems your feelings for her were too strong for you to have just been friends with her. ... (10 replies)

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