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Hello Ced
Feb 27, 2006
... You talk about talking a 'break'. I am not sure having a break works. Dan and I split up for about two weeks a year ago and it was too easy to slip back into our old routine. ... (12 replies)
... it's a well documented fact that by and large, women react to break ups much harder and they have a much harder time mending from them than men do, their hearts break worse, they go through much more serious feelings of betrayal, etc. ... (42 replies)
... shattering problems break up. This happened in my case with a guy I dated for four years and I was convinced we would spend our lives together. ... (17 replies)

Lonely lonely
Dec 16, 2007
... (9 replies)
... d to all the drama of being with him. When things are calm, you interpret that lack of intensity as emptiness and equate intensity with love. I promise you, your feelings for him will start to fade over time if you just don't give in and talk to him. ... (20 replies)
... ofold. I have a friend who confided in me recently about getting back with her old boyfriend who cheated on her several times. They've been apart for a while but feelings are still there. ... (32 replies)
... You are not doing your girlfriend any favors by putting off what you know will happen eventually, and in your attempt to avoid the bad feelings of an uncomfortable break up, you are lying to her and leading her on. ... (5 replies)
Shake out of it
Dec 13, 2005
... gauging how they feel about a woman during sex tells them whether they are really passionate about her, if they love her, and also if they have enough lingering feelings left for someone they are considering leaving to hang around and have another go at it. ... (13 replies)
... You don't need to feel guilty. You have a right to break up with someone who hasn't treated you well. I know it's important to be fair and reasonable and do the right thing. ... (10 replies)
Losing my mind
Jun 9, 2013
... han I and has 2 kids by her ex husband. They adore me and I them. We are together for a couple of years and they weren't easy years by any means. We had a lot of ups and downs and near break ups and finally a long period of time goes by and we decide to move in together. ... (1 replies)
Clingy or normal?
Jan 12, 2011
... e now. dont blame you at all. why not just say ....''i been doing alot of thinking and i think we should part'' then tell him why softly. you may worry about his feelings because your a caring nice person BUT you are abandoning your own feelings in a way. ... (98 replies)
How to get over it
Jan 11, 2011
... Well, first off let me express how sorry I am that this is happening. Break ups are never easy, especially when you're the one it's happening to. Sounds to me like he's quite the selfish person. ... (2 replies)
... ture to try again, I just couldn't. My husband provided me with companionship and a shoulder to cry on during those tough times. He was fully aware of my recent break up. He knew I did not love him in that way, but he chose to stay with me in hopes that I would move past it and love him. ... (37 replies)
... Well, you haven't told us very much at all about how your relationship worked with her when you were actually together, and very little about why you had break ups, but if the actual relationship was anything like how you guys relate to each other in between, then my guess is that it wasn't very healthy. ... (15 replies)
... No, you're not crazy, even though it may feel like it sometimes. Society isn't much help when it insists we get over break ups lickity split and if we don't then there's something wrong with us. But everything you're feeling is normal and valid. ... (207 replies)
... menopausal feelings for me so this was not one of our typical meltdowns. ... (46 replies)
... Storm girl is right....letting go when you have feelings for someone is really really is can be loving feelings for a friend, bf, or family....but you have to do what's right for you and trust your gut. ... (4 replies)
... without incident, she has told you that she needed space. And now she is treating you less than a friend. She has not been very respectful. Regardless of any feelings that you hold for her, I am questioning why you would pursue someone who clearly has not had your best interests at heart. ... (4 replies)
... You know when we go through break ups we all sit and try to think about what went wrong. Then we tend to find ways to blame ourselfs for the break up. As I said you didn't do anything wrong. ... (38 replies)
... Anyways, As I said though your feelings were natural because of the breakup. Break ups are never easy. I will say that if you are pregnant then you dont want to get back with him just because of the child. ... (6 replies)

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