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Feeling sad
Aug 8, 2003
... I don't know why people think that feelings of love are just supposed to end when a relationship ends. ... (14 replies)
... ze it and say sorry as soon as i realize that i am going towards nagging. Can you people specify any common mistakes which guys make in relationships and led to break ups? ... (12 replies)
... is flickering and every once in a blue moon stays on for just a minute longer. that's still not a good reason to stay, you're right, guess i'm really not good at break ups and am dredging the sick nauseated scared feelings come flooding back. ... (21 replies)

... I encourage you to be easy on yourself. Time will heal your feelings of missing her, especially if you are out keeping busy yourself. Let yourself make this the true end, and let go of the past. ... (29 replies)
... et because shes never experienced it. also the fact of "looking" online for a relationship neither of us were looking for anything. we both actually came off bad break ups and we crossed paths in a very unusual way and at a very unusual time. ... (33 replies)
... You have to look at it from another perspective, an objective one. Did things really not work out? Why? Did he prove his love for you, besides saying it sweetly? I'm still with my first love, and hell, we've been through a lot, and yes break ups too- but we're still together, because we sorted out our problems. I'm not trying to say your feelings aren't true- but what truly... (5 replies)
... nd at least you'll know and you'll be able to end things for good and move on. You are only 19, and no doubt you will go through many many more relationships and break ups in your lifetime. It's always hard, but it's part of life. Good luck to you. ... (4 replies)
Lonely lonely
Dec 16, 2007
... Hi all: I am not quite certain what to write here or about. There has been a lot going on lately, in my life that has been quite hard for me, and I am quickly coming up on being single for an entire year. And while I realize being single for just one year is no real feat, and probably quite normal and healthy in many ways--I am beginning to panic. Well, that may be an... (9 replies)
... I know it's rough and I know what you're going through. I think this is why social scientists and psychiatrists say women go through a lot more hurt than men in break ups because by and large, men just don't go through these kinds of feelings, not wanting to eat, not even wanting to live, feeling like everything is just gone. ... (44 replies)
... u will probably face this same scenario other times in your life, and sometimes you will be on the other end and you will find yourself struggling to console her feelings and come up with the right words to end your relationship. ... (32 replies)
... Sounds to me like you are just hurt. They say hate isn't the opposite of love, indifference is. You probably still have feelings for her and are angry and hurt that she doesn't seem to feel much for you anymore. ... (8 replies)
... ays. Plus, this new girl she's hanging out with probably means that she'll be out drunk alot, and that would just make you worry even more. I know you still have feelings for her, or you think you do, but that's normal after most break ups. ... (4 replies)
... Four years is a long time to invest in a relationship. I agree that before you dump this girl for the "flavor of the month," you should analyze why your feelings have changed. Are you really in love with this new girl, or are you just attracted by the feeling of newness that you don't have with your current girlfriend? ... (23 replies)
I'm back...
Apr 8, 2006
... I love how we women talk about break ups like it's surgery! ... (27 replies)
... e I 'might' see him. He has ruined my life enough, I will still live my daily life the same. However, as soon as I got up in my area away from down there, these feelings diminished. ... (207 replies)
... Hiya guys Steakie... please please don't think that it's your fault and that you're not good enough. It's always the gorgeous ones that don't believe in themselves and I bet you have so many amazing qualities! You obviously gave him your heart and soul and really wanted to make the relationship work whereas for some reason TO DO WITH HIM he has decided that it's not what... (38 replies)
... and to be honest I was never able to be "just friends" with any of them. The feelings just went too deep... ... (5 replies)
... Breaking up with someone you have feelings for has to be just about the hardest job there is... ... (6 replies)
... I'm not sure I agree with this. It may very well be true, but I don't think you can say with any certainty that the only reason Suzznyc's ex is able to move on so quickly is because he never loved her that much. I have been with men that I loved very deeply and passionately for years--in fact, I think I love more intensely than a lot of people. Nonetheless, I was able to... (21 replies)
... Heartland....I'm sort of confused as to how anger internalized in any situation can be helpful or therapeutic. Unless you are speaking of a "temporary patch", however, in your situation it seems to have been a "long term" patch. I tend to believe that any type of anger held inside over a long term can be self destructive and only hold a person back from moving forward. I've... (46 replies)

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