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... without thinking, same thing with a break up, why did she text saying wow sorry for ending it soo quickly maybe i didnt give us a chance to work on it? ... (37 replies)
... did have closure she told you flat out that it was over. I think that is closure....relationship has ended. I have had a long post on here about a crush I had for about 8 months. Finally, finally, we got together for 2 months... ... (37 replies)
... Hey, wow thanks, we broke up in Sept, talked till October 5, when she found out i snooped, but look what i found out... ... (37 replies)

... Listen to me Eric....if someone really has feelings for you....and she is young...23 is very young, they don't care what others tell them....if they want you and want to be with you they will no mtater what. ... (37 replies)
... the closure, i need like i said, i love her, and if she was willing to come back, we would have to start all over and seek communication skills, as well as build up trust and feelings, but that may never happen either! So.. ... (37 replies)
... Oo eric you've had it tough!! Look mate I empathise. My boyfriend broke up with me a few weeks ago and his reasoning didn't satisfy or make sense to me (i.e. still in love with me and no reason seeming worthy enough to leave except for his ongoing depression). So yes its HARD to move on and stop obsessing when we don't have the answers that satisfy us. But like everyone... (37 replies)
... we broke off engagement like after 3 months, i know there is no guy involved. but its very tough living in boston and her in west virginia, Gosh, its soo tough, look at my posts its a mess! ... (37 replies)
... I think she is probably scared to tell you the truth, or isn't ready for marriage, or met someone else. Or maybe there is no reason, she just fell out of love. Hard to know. ... (37 replies)
... n, and cross that bridge when i get there, THE POOR GIRL needs support, and thats what hurts the most, really, but i cant handle and worry about that either. But for her to tell people she wants to be my friends? ... (37 replies)
... Hey, thanks yes, im 26- she is 23- dated 6 years, if you look at my prior threads, you might think differently, So its very tough, i live in mass, she lives in west virginia, we were together all through college, then got engaged and it went down hill, she moved up here had a good teaching job, and couldnt hack it and went home, the minute her parents dropped her off she was... (37 replies)
... ERIC!!!! You cant wait for her to call you to say "Can we be friends" to be done. It is done NOW. She hasnt called you in a month! Take it for what it is. She may have said she wants to be your friend one day to so and so...but if she really wanted that she would say it to you. ... (37 replies)
... No trust me i dont wait around, its tough thought to get out of my head, but we'll make it im doing better, lol HECK NO, no serious relationship for me, haha trust me on that i will take it that much Slower! ... (37 replies)
... i know the situation is soo weird, like i mentioned to rose, why would she send me the text 2days before i left, and even did everything sexual the night before i left? I mean 6 years is a long time to just end it, based over communication, she does things fast without thinking sometime, So hopefully she is taking this time to really think everything over, but or maybe she... (37 replies)
... Chances are she knows why she ended it she is just either not telling you or you stopped hearing her. If she isnt telling you then she has reason for that. ... (37 replies)
... Hey, thanks lol, your alright, no trust me i dont sit and wait around the phone i do my own things, and take it day by day and working on my career and the rest will follow not much i can do, you know she lives far away, and she has to contact me if and when she wants to talk, and thats about it i'll listen but thats it, She is one of those girls, that needs to take serious... (37 replies)
... heck no, its really weird, i never showed emotion or feelings with her, she did her thing i did my thing, we lived together so we were together alot, wrote alot of notes, and stuff, i know i came home after work around 10ish and i would hardly see her, So its tough, but no clingy, in fact, like i said when she wanted to go out with her friends, i had no problem i never had to... (37 replies)
... em like a nut on here, lol, but its not bad, some day i will hear from her, but i cant sit and wait, and hopefully some day i will get my closure, Luckily we had no cheating involved Which is good, but thanks for the support! ... (37 replies)
... she didn't see you before you left. Maybe that would have been closure for you. But you didn't get it. ... (37 replies)
... let her be. if she is dating then let her be. move on for yourself. if she calls, at that time you may not want to talk with her. Please......try to move on. This is not healthy. ... (37 replies)
... Like i said im trying to move forward has you know its not very easy, And im not waiting around eitherm it might sound like it because i talk about it, all i can do is take it day by day (37 replies)

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