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Nice skirt
Apr 2, 2007
... do you think thats a coincidence? ... (77 replies)
... the fact that he thinks couples dont fight at all is absurd. he needs to grow up. people fight, couples fight, if you never fight then one day it just BLOWS up in your face. He does act like he doesnt care, saying rude things to you and making you think its all your fault. ... (7 replies)
... my father disappeared. She hasn't had a long term relationship since. Nobody in my family is married, the women are all single mothers. ... (13 replies)

... OH...yes Sunny. Your post helped me VERY much. I think it may be a bit harder when we're not 20 or 30 anymore and know we have SO many years ahead to I tell my granddaughters.... ... (8 replies)
What is love?
Mar 13, 2007
... I think the thing might be that you were 17 when you started dating him. That is so young to be committed to someone. You haven't experienced other relationships before. I think you're just curious as to what is out there. ... (7 replies)
... It is normal to have these kind of doubts after breaking up with someone. Of course it is not what you wanted, to be in this situation. But, you didn't want to be in a relationship with a guy you can't trust, either! ... (15 replies)
... Ok, this is a long one. Two years ago I noticed a reoccuring phone number on our phone bill month after month. ... (18 replies)
... I don't think it could be labeled as a "relationship." Laurie knew this guy is just for fun and sex and there's no future with him. ... (39 replies)
... f I'm off base or make inaccurate assumptions here, but I will give you the best advice I can based on what I've experienced and observed. I actually have quite a bit of experience with arguing because I like it much more than I should in that it adds a lot of passion and spice to a relationship... ... (5 replies)
... hopefully he will grow out of this immature behavior as he gets older and becomes more comfortable and secure with himself. That usually takes at least part of a guy's I think this is pretty normal and not too big a deal in the scheme of things, as long as he treats you calmly and respectfully. ... (14 replies)
... Let me give it a shot. This really seems like it's starting to become a very cruel game. He did behave badly, but how much, of this, is about this young man and how much of this is getting back at the next one to replace the ex you didn't get the opportunity to revenge yourself on? ... (39 replies)
... ells are still in your body. They don't leave when you lose weight, they shrink. And simply by the laws of survival and nature, they actually seek to fill back up to "save" you from starvation. Right now you are the correct weight and "skinny fat". I understand that description. ... (17 replies)
... t want to see. I believe your boyfriend is trying to let you down gently. Men hate to be the one to call it quits, so they usually do things to make us do the breaking up instead. That way they don't have to be the bad guy. ... (4 replies)
... On Halloween night I met this really nice, energetic, outgoing cute girl. The next day she starts texting me and asking me to come hang out with her and her friends, but I wasn't able to because I was with friends. So I told her to make up for it to let me take her to a movie the next weekend. ... (15 replies)
... analyzing it for a week and a half now and I can't make any sense of it. I wondered if you guys could look at it with a fresh set of eyes and try to explain to me what the heck just happened!! ... (6 replies)
... Nina, honey, this guy is and has been awful to you for a LOOONG time! Why do you worry about breaking up with him in a "civil" way? ... (17 replies)
... He was going to come up, and I told him I had a really bad h'ache. I do, and I get really bad ones from time to time bc of a bad neck condition. He said he "didn't want to diminish the significance of the day by not seeing one another" but he understood, and wanted me to feel better. ... (39 replies)
... Yeah...I don't want to say it's no big deal because it's kind of a ridiculous thing to do. But, as with drinking a lot, these things are a little more normal when you're young and become completely inappropriate when you're older. I ended up getting bored and breaking up with my fighting boyfriend. ... (14 replies)
... but its true and in time youll find another guy that you really like and want to be with. ... (53 replies)
... ought about. But love clouds your judgement so much! I do think I did have the grass is greener thing going on at the time, because he was pretty much the only guy I had been serious with. ... (19 replies)

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